Saturday, June 14, 2008

My philosophy of life : letting go

This morning when I wake up, I was very exited as I was going to Mayspring Condo in Bukit Panjang area. I got there early and took these photos. Today just went to do this "can or cannot buy" 2 condo units and then to do my personal stuff and then home.
BLOG: The "FengshuiQueen Forum" is now open to all to post any questions on fengshui, destiny, properties, shares and any other.
FENGSHUI: My School of fengshui, "FengshuiQUEEN" usually has no mirrors or glass cabinet doors in the whole house. There should be no fans too in the whole house. "Dining table" must be solid either made of marble or solid wood and definately "no glass" because "dining table" represent "career" and since if it is made of glass, it will break easily. best is to place your "dining table" in the "wealth area" or "power area" of your house.
If your first reaction after reading this is "what !!!".....then let me tell you to first have an "open mind". listen to what I say first. then you go and analyse what I said and see what is the logic behind then you would understand what I mean.
PROPERTIES: The recent En bloc really brought about the ugly Singaporeans that I have come to hear about. those with properties to rent out were all trying to get the next higher price till some of them these days have to lower the asking price for rent now because there are now fewer takers. I can't understand why some people are so greedy.
The "prices" of some properties also have come down. if you are looking for a house to stay then for now either can get 999leasehold or freehold property then you won't loose money. And if you plan this house to be your "last one" then even a 99 year leasehold is ok and make sure it is fully paid from Day one and that you live longer than the house's lease. I might consider Mayspring Condo as my last house where I will make it fully paid from Day One and then have other properties to collect "rent" for my monthly household expenses and my current lifestyle.
I remembered when I first bought my landed property, it was in the year of the goat, 2003 and in the year of the dog, 2006, the property price "on the street where I live" even went below what I paid. the family opposite bought his for S$950k while my next door neighbour paid for his at S$880k. so I guess the best best timing is to wait for the next dog year, 2018 before we enter to buy. my neighbour who bought his at S$880k renovated the whole house and built a roof terrace and had it sold in 6 months for S$1.35million, pocketing some 3 hundred thousands. Wah and guess what ? the property agent who sold that house is my client from Dennis Wee Realty !!! in fact they (a couple) are so good that they sold two of these landed property "on the street where I live" in 2007. the other one was sold earlier in 2007 for S$1.2million.
I could really see how property price rise so much in 2007 and how my own property can make money.
Well, let's all become "Savy Investors" in years 2018 and 2019.
Since it is such a long time away....let's first start by saving money or growing our "capital". we would need to buy a property in district 9 and the price is around S$1.5million or more. so for a 20% downpayment, it can be quite a big sum. you calculate.......lah I drink my red wine and you then tell me ok ? burb.
SHARES: STI can fall to 2700 very soon.
TIP: "Learning to let go of things that we are most attached to is very difficult and yet an important part of life"

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