Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Never look at your world from the sky above your well. Look beyond.

Today, I went to do a HDB apartment house review as well as a life reading and in the afternoon went down to Farrer Road area to do fengshui for a Bungalow and am now home.
FENGSHUI: Different fengshui masters practice their ART differently. it is indeed very difficult for any layman to know who is correct in their "Schools of Fengshui" and whose not - the clients' results would speak for themselves. Our job is to work and to serve our customers and then wait 3 months for clients to see their results so that they know that the "fengshui has started". in the last 19 years it has been like this except that I do not BLOG so you probably don't know where I have been and how I work and these days I do a lot of referrals mostly from existing clients who recommended. thank you so much for your wonderful support. to book me is to sms at +65-9685-2718. I don't answer my calls or you can email me.
PROPERTIES: The market will start to move MORE around August 2008 onwards as many would be selling and then there would be those who have been waiting and these group would enter the market soon. Rentals are good business for now. Recently, I have two clients who rented their condos for around S$3k to S$3.5k a month in the eastern part of Singapore and this may be quite steep however the good fengshui of their condos should earn them more than what they have to pay monthly. I treat every house as though I was going to stay in that house and do it from my heart.

SHARES: It is not moving up and would begin to fall soon.

TIP: "Never let those around you INFLUENCE your thinking"

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