Sunday, June 01, 2008

"On the street where you live"

Today, 2 June 2008, Monday, I went to attend to my personal matters and then to do fengshui for an office at woodlands area.

BLOG: From 20 May 2008 till now - there were a total of 2,985 page imprints for my website according to GOOGLE and 825 visitors this week according to nuffnang. Thank you to those who visited my BLOG and happy reading !!!!! so.........I guess I become one of the BLOGGERS.

Everyday when I am home I will turn on my Dell laptop and start to write my BLOG. it has sort of become my lifestyle "pattern" and it does not take up much of my time. it is all about "TIME Management".

PREDICTION: "US sub-prime mortgage problems are soon to be over however new ones will crop up as the US economy slows down in 2008"

OVERSEAS PROPERTY: This March 2008, I booked my first overseas property in Bangkok, Thailand. so far I know of one lady client who also bought her first overseas property and is in Australia. I noticed that if you buy in the country itself you can save S$20k than if you were to booked and buy your overseas property here in Singapore at the exhibitions. so if you are planning to buy an overseas property in Australia go to the city itself and buy direct from the Developer. it will save you some money. Plus you can buy those on the higher floors not readily available than they were to sell it in Singapore. I know of one property in KL where the sales lady told me the highest available was 20th storey but the higher higher floors for a one bedroom apartment were all sold out already. so you can't get to buy the highest level and they are very clever with their words. so do becareful.

The first thing : I ask my Singapore friend/client living in Bangkok was : "Got earthquake or not in Bangkok?" I am afraid as I intend to buy the higher floors. We don't have earthquake in Singapore but when one wants to buy an overseas property you will need to be smart enough to ask the RIGHT questions. the answer that came back is a "no".

RESALE MARKET OVERSEAS: I also noticed that there are not many properties for sale in the resale market in Bangkok and I ask my friend. He said that is because nobody is selling. Good Reply I thought but I still beg to differ and would find out for myself when I am there again (I don't trust anyone) in Bangkok and yes, I love Bangkok. why ? reasonable price food and reasonable housing. but the cost of doing business is another ball game altogether. luxury car prices are about the same as in Singapore. I can buy my Mercedes in Bangkok and afford to hire a chauffeur full time just waiting for me to arrive and then come and fetch me which I think I will go Bangkok 4 times a year when my apartment is built. As for the condo to be ready......I would prefer them to take their time to build their strong foundation as Bangkok can be very windy as one goes higher up.

PROPERTY: In Singapore one would note that the market is softer however there are also activities going on judging from my clients.

SHARES: I thought that when I sell all my Golden Agri shares the share price will go up today but somehow it did'nt. if you are born in the animal sign of the rat and horse and if you had lost money from the shares then keep and don't sell and when the share price drop further then buy more to bring up the selling price to sell and make a profit.

FOREIGN CURRENCY: if you wish to keep US$, keep some only as US ecnomy will not come up till the Dragon year, 2012. better bet is to go for short term and is Australia Dollar which is much stronger now and will continue till next year, 2009 or maybe you prefer Gold then keep your Gold as it will continue to go up.

TIP : " Never listen to others, listen to your head and not your heart"

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