Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Every life is precious"

This morning I went down to novena area to do fengshui and then to the eastern part to do another condo fengshui then home. It's been a busy sunday but I enjoy all that work. if you were to ask me what drives me : "it's my customers and my passion in fengshui" that would make anyone get up from bed and to begin to work and I have been doing this for the last 19 years. that is why I have so many clients and supporters simply because "FengshuiQueen fengshui WORK !!!"
Our company, 3P stands for "Prompt, proficent and professional". we are now a S$500k paid up capital and each share in the company is worth S$50k. we grew and all thanks to all our clients for their trust and support in us. we work hard for you.
Today while waiting for my client, I saw a father carrying a small baby sleeping on his chest. I saw a sweet, frail and helpless baby. A moment of my past caught up with me then and there. I remembered how I stayed at home for 4 and half years just to be a housewife and to bring up my two boys till they were very much older then I went out to work. The first property that my husband and I bought was a HDB flat and like many others, we sold and made money then. it was year 1988 that we bought and from day one it was completely paid up and cost S$106k for an executive apartment. we had to quickly buy our first HDB flat then before our combined income totals more than S$4,000/- which was the ceiling income at that time and oh....... how times flies and just look at the property prices now. A HDB Flat can command as much as S$870k and very soon by 2019 someone is going to pay one million dollars for a HDB flat and make NEWS.
BOTTOMLINE : One needs "VISION" and the ability to predict property prices 5 years down the road and 10. then once we had "master this art"........oh we will be on our way to our lovely retirement. Retirement here do not mean "do nothing" it simply mean doing something else. for example : one of my dream was to own a vineyard so that I can drink all I want and not having to pay for it. one wealth management professional told me not to own a pub cause I will drink away all the profits. (joke).
PREDICTION: "After August 2008 the stocks will begin to tumble"
BLOG: My Google Ad Sense has started counting and I got some US$ cents now owning to me. not bad. I guess everyone should BLOG then can earn pocket money and don't forget to pay your tax too.
FENGSHUI : Do the pond size in the wealth area matter ? yes they do. the bigger the pond the more the wealth. however everything has to balance with the bazi of the family members staying in the house and the pond also cannot be too huge that it overpowers.
PROPERTY: One client bought a condo in 2006 in the novena area, Lincolin Road and todate if he can sell this condo he would be able to pocket a cool S$700k. the condo is around the novena area, brand new as the owners just got their keys. however the main door of the house face a lift door. so wealth can go "kee loh kee loh" (hokkien) like the lift. you would need fengshui done.
That is why I always say : One can build a beautiful house but if it ain't fengshuied, it ain't complete. so if your house is like this......don't you think there is something missing in your life ? or what you DON'T know won't harm you cause you DON'T know what you are MISSING ??
SHARES: It is time to sell any shares now if there are profits if not those born in the year of the "rat" and "horse" will suffer the greatest lost when the market take a big fall. this time round very steep fall cause it is leap year this year 2008 and the also the first animal of the 12 animal signs - the rat.
"Happy birthday, Alex. mummy loves you"
TIP: "Appreciate people around you even if they are only kids"


jensen said...

Hi Fungshui Queen. Well, I'm born in year of "Rat" so do i need to sell all my share even if there still not in profit? Or sell it before August? Advice please thanks!

jensen said...

Hi Fungshui Queen. You can email me your comments regarding my previous adviced requested. My email Thanks!