Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our MIND will tell the future

Today, 23 June 2008, Monday, I went to do a HDB fengshui in Bukit Batok area and then to Cold Storage to get two bottles of red wine. It's always fun choosing wine so fun that you want to buy everything that is there on the shelves and drink them all ! Well.........this is JUST one of my passion - that I like to drink. the more I drink, the more I talk.

BLOG: If you ever choose to BLOG: Be responsible and accountable. Your integrity also counts. this is because one must understand that there will be more and more readers reading your blog and in order to create traffic one needs to do homework to drive that traffic then you would have a successful BLOG. I am working on it to increase the traffic to 300 visitors per day and one day I will have my breakthrough.

ON DESTINY: Some people are born to just love to "give instructions" but don't know how to do them. while there are some are doers and not good at giving instructions. which one is you ? or neither. because you are both a doer as well as good at giving detailed instructions.

For example: When someone ask you what do you like to drink ? don't simply say : "coffee". this is because this statement is not complete. there are many types of coffee. coffee with milk and sugar or coffee black, without milk but have sugar or simply just coffee. I personally like my coffee black and is not a coffee lover meaning I don't need to drink coffee everyday.

ON FENGSHUI TIPS: There was a day when I went to check an office in one of those flatted factories and the facing was "North West" and built in "period 7" (years 1984 to 2003) and so this office would not have a wealth area in period 8. my clients then told me that they cannot find another suitable office anymore and was not about to go hunting for more suitable office to rent. Then I told them. "ok". can be done..... but you MUST follow exactly what I tell you. they agreed. a) Close up all the windows in the northwest sector with boards and have the most window opening in the "west" in order to change the "facing of this office" to west. that way we can alter the "bad fengshui".

NOTE: This is a case of how "creative" and "excellent" the fengshui master is. I don't follow books although I have read thousands on this topic, I understand the concepts and then apply them to modern living conditions that we have and I always WANT THE BEST for my clients. cause when they are successful I would have more business in future. (looking at the bigger picture).

When I do "fengshui for residences" I also try to make my clients understand the concepts behind so that they too can be "creative enough" and to understand "the art of fengshui" better and that is why I am today a popular fengshui master.

INVESTMENTS: One needs to develop financial knowledge so that we understand the value of money and learn to grow it. most important is to set yourself a GOAL. A simple start would be a target of one million dollars say by age 60. then you ask yourself how can you arrive there in the shortest possible way ? if in your bazhi, it is through "properties" then you : buy and sell, buy and sell in order to arrive at one million dollars by age 60.

For example: You buy a condo now and 5 years later you sell and make S$500k. then you go buy another condo and 5 years later you sell again and make another S$500k. then you would be one million dollars up already. Can you see my point ?

However, this is a consciously and carefully planned out MAP in order to arrive at your one million. then when you have actually would be much much savy than this.

The other method could be buying GOLD : for example if you think GOLD is going to reach US$2000 per ounce in 10 years time then it would be a great idea to keep S$50k in gold and then in 10 years time your S$50k would become S$100k.

So, you can invest some in PROPERTIES, some in GOLD and maybe some in foreign CURRENCIES and by age 60 everything cash out and you would have got your one million dollars. I am only explaning to you the method of arriving at one million. maybe you have another higher goal then do the same formular and arrive at your own goal. bear in mind too that in 10 years time: the one million would be worth very little. but at least : you START somewhere, ok ?

By becoming savy investors yourself and belonging to the community of fengshuiQueen, where fengshui truly works, you would become a multi- millionaire very soon.

TIP: "Have a kind heart to all"

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