Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another morning has broken, another day

Today as usual I would visit my parents and then to do a house review at Clementi and then home. I was actually looking forward to going down to Clementi again as that place somehow holds a special feeling for me. To put it simply .........I like the place and if there is any HDB that I would like to own it would be here, next to MRT and to amenities. a good buy and sure to make money in 10 years.
PHOTO: This photo was taken yesterday. the 2 dry leaves are still there and waiting to drop.

ON MONEY: There was a time during one of my house visits for a review and I would check the house once more and then give good advice and if clients ask me if they can sell their property now - then my reply to most of them is usually....a 'yes" especially if they live in a HDB flat and intended to upgrade to a condo or a landed property. very few people actually moved from a HDB flat to a landed property most somehow will want to live in a condo.

Some already bought condo and then check their fengshui for the condo and still keeping the HDB then I will tell them to keep both as both can appreciate in value in 10 years and why not ?

Anyhow, I would tell them this : If you can make S$200k from this property then the next property that you buy, you can only put in the S$100k and keep the other S$100k in cash in a bank. Never mind if the interest rate is low. The logic behind this is: "Money in your bank STAYS and can GROW". Besides it also give you PEACE of mind that most people really need. The more cash one keeps in the bank in cash, the MORE the money can grow. This is because the universe will send more money to come to you and that is how the money GROW. This is a fengshui secret and a well kept one. Nobody knows much about this.

Since now you know, you can analyse for yourself and see if what I say is true or not or and observe.

TIP: "Money in bank will attract more money to come"

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is money in our epf like cash in the bank