Wednesday, July 30, 2008

8 Mistakes people make when it comes to house Feng Shui by Master Lynn Yap

1) They tend to place the pond not in the actual wealth area -

2) They tend to leave it unattended and so the water level in the pond drops to half -

3) They tend to be less open minded and listen to themselves and do the things according to their own mindset and not that of their fengshui master-

4) They change the water in the pond when it should'nt be changed at all - the dirtier the better

5) They tend to still have glass cabinent doors or mirrors in the house -

6) They tend to have fans in the house especially ceiling fans above the dining table or masterbed -

7) They tend to sleep with a bed that does not have a 6 inches gap between the matress and the floor -

8) They tend to have a glass cover that protects the wooden dining table -

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Anonymous said...

Mirror wardrobe in the master bedroom seems to be popular to many people. Is this OK/