Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thank you for the red wine !!!

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Today, 31 July 2008, Thursday, I went down to Siglap area to do a house review then off to run errands then home to study about blogging.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today, I received an sms about how I know what is passion to me ? I replied : "It's that strong feeling that comes and capture your heart and is telling you that - this is the way to go"

I always wait for this strong feeling to come before I take action only then I will know that that is the correct path for me.

PHOTO: The other day, my client gave me this bottle of red shiraz wine and I took this photo to show you. This is the 3rd red wine in this blog. Actually the first half of the year, I received many wine bottles and of course now empty hehe I drank them all lah !!! oh and thank you to those who gave me, all red wines, so generous !!!

LYNN YAP SINGAPORE BLOG - With 3 months of blogging and having a total visitors of 20,000 is no small feat. it takes a lot of effort and doing the right thing to have this. this means now with an average of 550 visitors per day and revenue too also has grown and that would be a nice passive income.

It is not the fact that I advertise in GOOGLE that brought about so many visitors. why don't you advertise in GOOGLE too and see if your visitor rate grow ? and then when you don't advertise do people still come and read what you write ? its about the quaility of the content and you as a writer.

For me, as I have walked on the grounds for the last 19 years visiting homes, factories and offices. I have developed a good relationship bonding with all my clients and they trust me. so it is easier for me when I blog. And you would rememeber that I try to meet 5 new people every day and 19 years later, guess, how many people, do you think I have met ? hehe

A thought came to me this afternoon when I was on my way home - I could set up a new domain name and use this new blog to house all my clients blog roll now total 5 and collect advertisments on my new blog and then grow this business. This means that I would have to organise a buffet lunch meeting to meet all my felllow clients bloggers and discuss this plan together with my web developer, the one who did the fengshuiqueen website. I intend to convert it into a blog and am just thinking out loud. Give me time to think on how best to do this then we meet. Do you think it is a good idea ?

One condition though, you cannot blog about feng shui, if not you won't be in my clients blog roll. Reason is : I cannot be responsible for what you write about feng shui which can have a big impact on people's lives, be it good or bad.
I did a search on Lynn Yap and found this link where my Book 101 Fengshui Questions and Answers, published in Japan is in Read this or click to buy in japanese -

FENG SHUI - 8 Mistakes that people make when come to house feng shui - read next update.

DESTINY - When there is no money element in your bazhi then one solution is to open a joint account in your lucky colour with the bank and in two names account but only one signature, your signature. that way your money will stay and can grow.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS - When I first bought this investment house in 2003, my first thought was when I can sell it at S$1.3million and pocket the S$400k profit, I would be very happy. that day has arrived and yet I did'nt want to sell the house and I wondered why. It is because my financial knowledge has grown and now it is better to keep it and wait till 2019 when it reaches S$2 million dollars and then sell, that would be better. In 10 years time, the house would be fully paid and with the value of the house at S$2million, I can then safely give my two boys, one million each.

Now, I plan to buy my next property and that would be in year 2010, when the timing is right and to grow my own net worth.

TIP: "Public Relations skill is a must if you wish to grow your wealth"

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