Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby, it's yesterday once more

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Today, I went down to Hougang to check fengshui, do 1 life reading then off to do errands and then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The last few days of the 6th lunar month will not be an easy time for most people especially for those whose bazi (a form of life reading based on birthdate and time) has a lot of water then the 6 months period of the water rat is not going to be a good period for you. The FSQ (fengshuiqueen) solution is to wear some gemstones or stones round your neck to reduce the water elements in your bazi and you will be ok.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Most readers of my blog are my fengshui/destiny clients and they have been supporting me for so many years and reading what I write in my yahoo private mailing list (2124 members)as well as in my private paid golden members in weekly thoughts in my official website. my family and I are very thankful for your wonderful support all these years and because of this wonderful support I have decided to show you this special photo above that is me. cute or not ? hehe

How did I get hold of this photo eh ? well......last Sunday, my mum suddenly showed me this photo when I was at her place and so I promptly took out my digital camera and shoot. I think my readers will go gaga over this photo. hehe. so if you like girls as your daughters, maybe it is time to consider having another child ? especially if you currently only have 1. I have 2 you know ? I think you should go for 2 too especially if you can afford. I am sorry if this sounds a bit commerical but it is good for our nation to have more babies lah.

FENG SHUI n SPIRITS: There was a shophouse when I went to do feng shui some 2 years ago. while doing my job I could feel this uneasy energy around my legs and I promptly told my clients to go find a ghost buster to catch this spirit. I also suggested that they do an oil painting of a house with a living room and bedrooms that can be visually seen. I also wanted a drawing of a television set there to be turned on and a nice beautiful bed for sleeping. I informed them to hang this painting on a particular wall in the office and then to get the ghost busters to capture the spirit and then lead him into the oil painting so that this spirit will be too busy watching tv and sleeping and so will not be able to disturb my clients.

DESTINY & BUDDHISM: There was a time when a male client came to see me and he complained that his right arm is stiff and when he lift it up, it is painful and wondered if there is anything he can wear to cure it. He also said his friends told him that I have all sorts of solution for any problems and that is why he asked this special request. I was stunned at first and then thought deeply for a while before replying. My reply to him was : That this solution is religious and if he does not wish to act on it, it is ok. I told him to go and sponser a ten thousand arm kuan yim buddha (Goddess of Mercy). The larger the arm, the better. I also told him it may take 3 years before his arm can be cured and 3 years later, it REALLY did.

FSQ NOTE: Both of the case studies mentioned are real life cases.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For the next 6 months be careful with your money especially if you intend to buy shares. the best thing to do for the next 6 months is to save money. Always remember that money in your bank stays even though the interest rate is low. it is better to be in your bank and STILL there than to be invested in other things and then maybe lost, ok ? be careful.

PREDICTION: The environment will not be good the next 6 months so more people may tend to fall sick, take good care of yourself.

TIP "Time for more babies......"

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jt said...

how do you sponsor the 10,000 kuan yim buddha?