Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BLOG Mastermind Coaching Program, now opens


You would remember that I read alot about blogs from Yaro Starak from Brisbane, Australia. And right now is an opportunity for all of us to sign up for his coaching program which will begin in 1 hours time at 10pm Singapore time. For a start, you may wish to sign up for a month first at AUD $97/- to test out before signing all 6 months of his coaching program. if you sign all 6 months, it is AUD $497/-

Then there is this BONUS if you are among the first 100 to sign up -
Bonus 1: “Conversion Blogging Revealed” - Live Teleconference With Yaro Dissecting The Conversion Blogging System

Bonus 2: “How To Use The Power Of Video To Market On The World Wide Web” - Live Teleconference With Gideon Shalwick PLUS six brand new videos from Gideon, the man behind the fantastic BecomeABlogger.com videos

Bonus 3: “How To Boost Critical Conversion Points In Your Blog Business” - Live Teleconference With Will Swayne on testing elements of your blog and email newsletter to improve conversion rates

How did I discover ALL this ? Well...........sometime back in May 2008 when I was surfing the internet for more information on blogs then I stumble on his website and download the BLOG PROFITS Blueprint and it's free. I learnt a lot about blogging and how to make it profitable and to have more traffic.

Now you know why I am so fast as a blogger because I read the right stuff and don't waste time. hehe.....eversince I announced his program here in my blog, there were over 140 people who downloaded this blueprint from my link here and if you have seen how fast I have been and how good I am as a blogger...........why not join me in his coaching program where we can then exchange ideas and those who sign up will be included in his special community where we can post our questions and our difficulties with our blog etc.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008 is the day the door is open for the public to sign up. last nite, I already signed up for 6 months as I have never been coached before in my blog. so maybe after Yaro's coaching I can be a greater blogger. hehe, wanna join me ? then click below, see you in his program.

Note: When you sign up for all 6months, you get all the coaching notes straight away and so you can learn faster than the rest and I intend to revamp my fengshuiqueen website soon and work on it. till then.....

Lynn Yap


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