Saturday, July 05, 2008

Beauty means sheng chi (good energy)

Today, 6th July, 2008, Sunday, I went out with my parents and my brother's family for lunch at Teochew City, Centrepoint and then to do a fengshui house review at serangoon area. I am off tomorrow to go do my own thing and to write "weekly thoughts" which is long overdue. All the scheduling you see are all done by me through sms and emails only. no phone bookings. to make an appointment, sms me at : 9685-2718. The CEO of a half a million dollar paid up company replies !!! making it very personal and with that personal touch that you don't get anywhere else and am available to you, 24/7. I work harder and run faster than anyone else. that is why I needed two pair of GUCCI, one higher heel for dinners/function/meetings, the lower heel one is for running from one appointment to another. hehe

I hope I don't scare you but being your own boss has so many privileges. The number one most important one is : FREEDOM. Freedom comes in many ways. the number of hours you want to work in a day and what time to start. I start work at 11am or unless clients request then it can be done earlier if not my norm is at 11am, my first appointment. that leaves my mornings free to go banking and do my other stuff like having breakfast/lunch before work. I only take 2 meals a day.

ON PHOTO: This photo was taken this year 2008 when I was in Kuala Lumpur to do an office review. I usually celebrate after the office review with a bottle of champagne which I buy from our airport. this time, I got two bottles for 3 of us. and guess what happen ? hehe. Well........cheers!!! my readers/friends/fans/clients. I want you to remember one thing : life is what we set out to create. Don't sit and wait too long. do something, try fengshui for a start. maybe your life can changed and become even better. It wasn't intented that I market myself. I sincerely wish you well and HAPPY and you can invite any fengshui masters in Singapore to help you.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Nuffnang website was down yesterday and so it hung my page load. I did'nt realise it so I just changed to a new template. I think the white background makes it an easy read blog and yes, of course I would choose the colours of the blog that match my own bazi.

Yesterday, while surfing the net and having opened a new account with youtube which has 35 million viewers per day. I watched this video. it's jazz and I love this singer, Norah Jones. the song: don"t know why

I just opened my letterbox and got a letter from GOOGLE ADsense with my PIN so that I can collect money from GOOGLE. wow. I got todate : 11, 765 page impressions and US$23.07 cents. they only pay you when you hit US$100/-.
How's that for the record in less than two months of BLOGGING. I still have Nuffnang and other accounts but so far as my BLOG is concerned, GOOGLE works for me. thanks, GOOGLE.

ON FENG SHUI CASE STUDIES: Today being Sunday, I shall tell you another of my fengshui joke. do you like my fengshui jokes ? if you do, please comment. then I know that you like, I can tell you more, ok ?

SO HERE GOES: There was a day when I went to a condo to do fengshui. As usual, I would do my rounds, walk to every part of the house and I then I stopped in front of a cat with its left paw moving which was stirring up energy in the living room and in the corner that was diagonally opposite the main door.

FENGSHUI NOTE: The corner diagonally opposite the house main door is called the secondary wealth area. we usually place auspicious items there like a "chai sen yeh" or a "laughing buddha" or a tall potted money plant but never something that is moving. this is bad as it can cause accidents.

I asked my client who is also my friend while also raising my left hand up and trying to shake it THAT white porcelain cat : "Er excuse me............ how long as this cat been moving his paws ?" "Don't you think the cat's hand will be very tired by now?" I asked with a curious look on my face and my lady client SIMPLY burst into laughter. We had a good laugh. Anyhow, I promptly told her to remove the cat with the movable paw. it is ok that if the paw is not moving but when it is moving, one has to becareful where it is being placed in the house. you don't want to stir up troublesome energy, don't you ?

ON DESTINY: I have known Nancy for a while already maybe two years. sometime ago, I wanted to know where to find good thai traditional body massage and so I asked my lady client/friend and she recommended me to go to Beauty Place at CK Tangs, second level. I went there and met Nancy. when there : I usually do not like to tell people what I do and who I am. well.....after sometime Nancy DID asked : what do I do for a living ? then I tell her : I am a fortune teller and Singapore's best. she LOOKED at tell my fortune ?

I did'nt see her for the last couple of months as she moved and one fine day she called me to inform of her new whereabout and if you know my style : I like to give money to people. so I went and ask her to do two hours of massage for me. after that she asked if she could take a photo with me. Of course and I said I also have my camera (she did'nt know I BLOG) . then she told me : you are very famous in Singapore and many ladies know or have heard of your BIG name. I grinned. then I said :"lets take more photos so that you can show your customers that I am one of your satisfied customer. (you know how it is : word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool). I love to do this kind of thing : to make other people feel HAPPY to be seen with me. to allow them to leverage on my fame, if I still have any ???

DESTINY NOTE: The "power" element in your bazi represents "fame". if you have one, you can be famous only when it is time. if you have two even more FAMOUS. if zero, you know lah. if hidden or below the other elements, very famous too. check your "bazi" to see where is your fame ?

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: a) Properties: when one wants to have a GREAT view forever. one looks for the plots of land that are standing in front of your house. just make sure no developer can buy that piece of land and rebuilt into another tall tower or building. if not then the value of your house can drop. this is from the layman point of view. from the fengshui point of view, it means that : the tall building in front of your condo tower represents a mountain in today's fengshui terms. and you would know that a mountain blocks off qi which can be good qi or bad qi. right ? so fengshui can change to become better or worse.

When you want to understand fengshui more in depth is to : know that Number One rule : there is no right or wrong. This is because the qi can be good qi, if blocked, it can block off your wealth. If it is bad qi then the tall building (the mountain) can block off the bad qi for you then it is good. So, a tall building in front of you can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing. then how to know ? simple. invite a fengshui master to check it out for you and each fengshui master commands their own fees, it is up to them. don't worry, fengshui fees are not very expensive.

Have you heard of a HDB penthouse ? yes, I have heard and did fengshui for one in choa chu kang earlier part of this year when my clients got their keys. very unique with very nice roof terrace and very high ceilings.

QUESTION: Why do 400 readers come EVERYDAY to read your blog, Master Lynn ?
ANSWER: It is because I entertain !!! my blog is entertaining, amusing at times, interesting and most important of all informative. my readers can learn something from my BLOG and it make them THINK. if I can make them THINK and REFLECT on what I write then I should be given a most INSIGHTFUL BLOG Award. It's got depth which other blogs don't have.

CLAP CLAP "oh thank you, thank you"

TIP: "It's sunday, have fun !!!"


STUMPBO said...

MLY, how about those with THREE power elements? Means?

TCH said...

Dear Master Lynn Yap

I read your blog everyday, without fail. Thanks so much for sharing, entertaining, enlightening and most impt of all, educating all of us.

Your predictions have been very accurate. Indeed, the shares market has tumbled and should continue to do so till end July/early Aug.

Hopefully, things will pick up and you can continue to share with us, the heartlanders, more daily tips to improve our wealth and health.


The Savy Investor said...

Thank you for your comments. stumbo, if a person has 3 power elements then that person's life is usually being controlled meaning controlled by parents, children or can even be by spouse. it depends on where the power elements lie, in hour, month or year pillar.

TCH, thank you for coming to read my BLOG daily. I will try my best to write good tips to help improve everybody's wealth and health.

STUMPBO said...

Thanks MLY for your reply! My god, means being controlled by parent, spouse and children!

Vic said...

Hi. You have a very interesting blog. No fengshui master like you that dare to disclose so many information of yourself and the trade secrets. To us , a fengshui master is always so secretive. Keep up your good work.

serene kwong said...

Stumbled upon your blog by chance and have been following your daily posts since then because they are interesting and enlightening.

1. Am also a new blogger (started in april 08). You have mentioned in your earlier email "twitter-ways to increase traffic'. Could you elablorate on this term or any recommended website on this topic?

2. Have a home office. Any 'fengshui items' that I could place in the 'fengshui corner' to enhance wealth?

Many thanks.

Serene Kwong

The Savy Investor said...


Could you post your question in "fengshuiqueen forum" so that I can reply you in detail ? thank you