Friday, July 04, 2008

EXIT STRATEGY is important, you know yours ?

Today, I went down to Sembawang area to do a house fengshui review and then to attend to my personal stuff.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Last night I spent some time reading about how to drive traffic to your BLOG and I found a secret. it is called "twitter". a new word for me just like a blog is a new word to me too.

ON FENG SHUI CASE STUDIES: Someone asked me a question on what the dragon in the cloud mean ? Well......I have always loved looking at the white clouds even when on the plane I would always try to get a window seat so that I can gaze at the sky and sometimes look at the clouds and sometimes on the plane I can see kirins looking at me and dragons too.
This time, this photo was taken on last sunday and I happen to shoot the "dragon in the clouds" and commented on it. This dragon is curled up and looking back at the dragon's pearl. however most of the time, we would see a dragon holding a dragon's pearl and chasing after it. this dragon is looking back and no particular meaning.

When I am writing suddenly I remembered there was a feng shui case study where I did for a medicine company in Tuas and I asked them to place a big round white lights in the middle of the reception area to represent the dragon's pearl. why ? this is because everyone knows that the dragon always chase after the pearl, in this case I did the fengshui of this company (they have manufacturing as well as R&D) with the pearl in the dragon's mouth so that the dragon can always be HAPPY.
CONCLUSION: If you ever step into any office and see a white rounded lamp that looks like a dragon's pearl. chances are : I am their fengshui master. this is one of my signature work. I shall tell you more if you like to hear.
ON DESTINY: When a family has a dog and dragon in the house then one of the light bulbs would always blow. Have you ever encountered that ? it can also be a snake and pig in the house etc. it works the same way. CLASH.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: a) Property - sometimes we read in the papers, it's about location, location, location. So what does it all mean ? it simply means that : one can buy a good location area and can make money. An example : The Icon - at a good location. limited edition. 2) The Sail - also at a very good location, water at the south west, can prosper for 20 years. limited edition.

However, if you note carefully they are of 99 years leasehold and for some people, they are quite careful where they want to spend their money and especially on one like these. however, my bet is that they can make money and therefore is a good investment, wait till the prices go lower. I believe once we are up on level 38th floor, wow. we can see forever.

To learn how to be savvy is : FIRST learn how to give : When your heart is willing to give some money then the universe will come and send someone else to give you the money. So, one can start by learning how to give money away.
One can buy many properties overseas however one has to know your own exit strategy so as to get back all your money before your time is due. then you will know whether that investment is a good one or a lousy one. so when investing overseas, you would need to be careful, ok ?

TIP:"Love can make the world go around"

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