Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do you BLOG ? I now do

Today, 17 July 2008, Thursday as usual I went to check fengshui for a HDB.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The 7th lunar month is coming and this is where the rat is the strongest. Then what happens ? for some they are going to close a big deal and make money. For others, they may loose big money. The stock market is going for a big correction soon, just becareful.

To buy shares - you have to buy at the right timing and follow the fengshui cycle rather than your own gut feel, ok my dearest ? Next year market is ok and we will try to make some money.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: How to start to BLOG, either choose word press or then think of what you want to call it and then start !!!A lady client sent an email to me on someone's blog on clouds as she thought I love clouds but I have no time now to read other's blogs.

When you choose to BLOG, you will become the writer, editor, publisher all roll into one. If you write in prefect english, it may put off some readers. Most important for a blog is to have readers and so traffic is key. When you write a book the cover sells ......when you write a blog, the words sell, not so much the photos - the photos are there to decorate the text. If you write something cute, humorous and people have a good laugh at it - surely MORE people will come and read what you write. Isn't it ?

Yesterday's session there was a lady who commented that I am always so positive and I replied "yes" I am. that's the REAL me.

ON FENGSHUI : Feng shui masters are masters that are well respected, the more respect you give them the more they will help you. This is the reason why some people would call you "si fu" and usually when I meet elderly ladies who understood how feng shui was like 10 years ago, would usually greet me in this manner.

ON DESTINY: Your spouse or your children's hour pillar has a very important impact on your life and your fortune including your health and happiness. check everybody's bazhi hour pillar and compare that with yours. then you try to interpret it ok ?

This year 2008, till July 2008, I was still doing annual review for 2008, this is because there were just too many people wanting to see me and I could not finish seeing them so some sms and never got a reply from me because I didn't know where to slot the time for you. I am so sorry and that was before I BLOG.

Now with blogging .......oh no !! and I want to spend more time with you so next year 2009 annual reivew will start from 17 November 2008 and I will give you two hours each. some may request for 3 hours ....not all ok ? hehe Ai yah......looks like I got to work harder in 2009.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: What I am about to reveal to you will strike you as something "contraversy" anyhow you read on......Most financial advisors would ask you to pay off all your credit cards debts. however from the fengshui point of view : there is this very very special secret :"don't". this is because the Universe will create events for you to loose MORE money and to owe MORE when your credit cards are almost fully paid.

There was a case of a man who almost pay off all his 7 credit cards and then the wife went to buy an expensive item and then his debt actually GREW rather than reduce it. Can you see where I am coming from ?

Sometimes in house feng shui or even in life readings with my clients, I would touch on something very senstitive which is about money. this is because clients can now relate to me and share their financial matters then am I able to offer good fengshui tip and secret money matters to help them. This is where I am DIFFERENT from other feng shui masters. Not only in the last 10 years I had done many fengshui projects around the world as I have been travelling, my own financial knowledge GREW such that today I became, a savy investor. not bad already when compared to other fengshui masters.

The best way to deal with credit card debt is : to pay off till you left with 3 cards. then each card left half paid and then slowly pay even though it means that you will be paying more interest rates but it helps. so when you don't have new debt you should be very happy, you know ?
TIP: "It is better to have good debt like borrowing money from bank to fund your investment house and to wait for capital appreciation then cash out"


Anonymous said...

PERSONAL THOUGHTS....the thing about feng shui is,when everything is going well,you brush it aside.Now that i am in a very patch, how am i to engage a feng shui master when i cant even afford to pay him/her. deep inside i know it may help to a certain extent,but deep in my pocket,i also know very well i cant afford one.which master will actually give a consultation now and pay later policy.there are so many people who are down and out an try very hard to get back on their feet(myself also). other then going to the temples to pray or ask the MEDIUMS (TANG KEE)and hope for the luck to change for the better,there are simply no other way the old saying goes NO MONEY NO TALK.

king said...

also,i really wish there is someone who can actually help us get back on our feet and not talk money first(when you are down and out,where got money). i am always thinking,if i posses such powers,i would really go all out to help people as far as i can because i know what it is like to have no money and the very first effect will be unhappiness in the family. you will quarrel like no tomorrow because of no money.FYI, i posted the first comment.cheers!!!