Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go with the flow, my dearest and you will be ok

Today, 18 July 208, Friday, I went to office for readings then to Suntec City for another office fengshui check. Today's client for life reading is very special because he is my first client from FACEBOOK. As you probably already know.....I have been in Facebook for quite some time already networking with friends in particular my friends with the same interest as me - buddhism. They poke me and I super poke them.
ON LYNN YAP BLOG:Hei..........give me credit ok ? for taking some time to blog and to educate readers on how to handle money, their financial knowledge which I felt is most important in life. I developed mine much later while for you - you are still young and have a long path ahead of you. You are so luckly !!! yahoo !!!

There are so much to read about how to improve the BLOGs and I guess most important is revenue that comes from the blog.

ON FENG SHUI: Give you a tip for those who send me comments on how to engage a fengshui master and do not have much money to engage one. Try this method : Go buy a 3 legged frog and place it facing your main door and pull out the coin. Place the coin in your wallet and go out to look for food or money. then when you come home, promptly place the coin into the frog's mouth and then turn the frog to look inside the house so that your money earned can be kept and not spent away.

My story : I am too lazy to always turn the frog so I always keep my froggy facing the main door all the time....maybe that is why money also goes out.
ON DESTINY: Some people complained about their life while some take action to see a fortune teller to improve because they are more pro active. Which one is you ? Never complain if you have not enough money to see a fengshui master or even a fortune teller. Simply ask if they can do it for you for a song. That is the RIGHT mindset of a positive person.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Take company A - the company employes 3 staff and all runs well as they sell a product. turnover maybe S$600k per year. Guess how much is their profit ? if you can guess then it means that you have the right skillsset to do better in life than those who don't know.

TIP: "Being positive also means never having to complain when things go wrong but to work or go around it"

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Anonymous said...

so does that mean you are willing to do feng shui fo a 'song '? i am not complaining but made some wrong moves in investments and business,thats why now so bloodly to be pro active when you got no MONEY? if we have money constantly flowing in,we wont need a feng shui master unless we want to increase our wealth wont need a consultant if you constantly made the right moves and hitting the target bulls eye