Monday, July 21, 2008

Do you want FAME ?

Today, 22 July 2008, Tuesday, I went to Ubi Techpark office for work on an off-site feng shui check for a house in Australia. Oh !! and I love Australia, its nice people and lovely weather. cool. At the end of my work my lady client asked :"Master Lynn, would you like to buy one too ?" I replied : "yes if you have one that has a number 4 on it" she replied that it has been sold then I smiled at her and said "not the right timing then, next time".

DAILY THOUGHTS: One of the nicest things that I find most rewarding about my job as a Geomancer is when corporate's clients's businesses grow in terms of sales revenue and with very good corporate clients that they manage to clinched their deals with. I have known of two corporate clients who had business deals on the Sentosa IR as well as Marina Sands IR. I too have big names as my corporate clients most of which cannot be revealed. But I do know how important it is to clinch these deals. CONGRATS !!! , your success our passion (registered trademark)

ON PHOTO: This is an article in our chinese newspaper, Lian Her Zao Pao on my interview and thoughts on Sentosa IR. I can't remember which year it is maybe 2006 or 2007 if you can read mandarin, maybe you can read what I said. my chinese name is "yeh ee chen" or sometimes they may termed me as : "feng shui huan ho" then you will know that is me. ok ? I am that famous lah !!!

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: As I begun my 3rd month in blogging, I wonder how many people can actually REALLY make money from BLOGGING and doing it professionally such that they be known as a Professional Blogger. As of now, I do not get a lot of advertisment money from my ads here in this blog but more so from my fengshui business but it's been fun........blogging I mean and reading up...on how to make it better.

ON FENG SHUI: If anyone out there is keen to learn feng shui, the best way is to start from books. Just go and buy any book that you think may be an interesting read and start. You can start with english books first if you are english educated and if you are bilingual then can also go for some chinese books found in bookstores. There are very few good chinese bookstores these days or maybe you can buy from internet from those chinese websites with all those chinese texts. hehe
ON DESTINY: Sometimes in a husband and wife's bazhi where there is a big clash then what do this couple have to do ? most important is : one of them has to lead in a marriage and the other just follow and no comments always then this marriage will work if you marry this type of husband. however if you are luckly enough to marry someone who can make you laugh all the time and listens to you too then you are indeed very very fortunate. A marriage cannot have two heads. there should be just one in order that most matters can get done in the smoothest way.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I have read two comments from people who needs help but then they complain of no money or not enough money. Actually in life, everything is about managing money and how best to use other people's money to build our own asset and then to grow. So the first thing is to examine your own money management. How do you allocate your money every month.
For example: if you earn S$3000/- a month. you should not be spending S$1000/- a month simply paying your insurance policies. this is because you cannot afford it. I mean at this point in time. most of them do try to sell you something or a policy but you have to see if you can afford now or not. buy something yes, but buy less is the best and if your financial advisor is a good financial planner for you then he or she will be able to plan something just right for you.
Next comes : How do you pay your bills ? for most people they simply wish to pay everything that they owe immediately. it is because they dislike to owe the bank money. however if you look at those rich business men, they also owe bank money but for a good cause. Example is : they use the bank money to buy properties and then wait for capital appreciation so that they can then cash out to increase their own net worth. or some borrow money to help in their businesses etc.
Hence it is the mindset of an individual that needs to change - in order to have good fortune all the time.
Next : if you wish to engage a fengshui master to help you then start saving money, S$20 a month also good and as long as you have the strong motivation to save and learn the habit of saving, one fine day, some fengshui master will come and help you for even a mere S$150/-
However, it is the habit of saving that one need to learn and the right mindset. if you don't have these even if you engage a fengshui master for a song, you still will not succeed in life. remember that, ok ?
I will not do your house for S$150/-. maybe S$200/- and only if you really are in financial difficulties and that you promise to have the right mindset and to start to save money then I will help if not I may not.
Send me an email and see how I can help on your house's feng shui without me going there...............maybe this can help you ok ?
TIP: "When your heart is kind the Universe will reward you soon"


Eric said...

What you have mentioned is real ... One must have the correct mindset and learn to save, then can start to grow wealth ... This was how my wife and I started with ... Ever month, when we get our salary, we pay ourselves 10% first, sometimes even more, if got bonus ... Hahaha

Then, we use the rest to pay bills, if still got money left, then treat ourselves to a good meal .. Heehee

Slowly and surely, the money will grow and we will invest wisely to make it grow even faster.

Debt can be good and bad as well. For example, i use credit cards whenever i can, but i have always paid in full every month. Along the way, i have earned much cash rebates, vouchers, etc. To me, this is the benefit to enjoy and make full use of the banks. :)

Anonymous said...

hi shifu,
what is your email address? i realy want you to help me with my house fengshui.