Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There will be a lot of rain the next few weeks, rain rain go away....come again another day !!!

Today, 23 July 2008, Wednesday, I went to Ubi Office for 3 life readings and then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning at 7am it rained and there was a big gush of wind. I opened the doors to the front and back of the house and all bedroom doors upstairs to allow the wind to flow in and out - to give new energy into the 13 year old house. I always do this when there is a big wind as the "street where you live" seldom have strong wind so whenever there is this opportunity and I am home, I would always open the windows. fresh and nice.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: I am trying out my hand at being a Professional Blogger and am learning the ropes. I don't mind getting a full time pay and using only 2 hours of blogging every day. so far....I believe I am Singapore's fastest blogger with over 16,500 visitors in less than 2 and half months !!! that is quite a feat and revenue cannot tell anyone. I can only say that it's GREAT!!! one day my traffic will grow very big, you can be sure of that as I become more of seasoned blogger and that my content and links to other pages also grow. this is how a BLOG works.

When you read my BLOG, remember that there are other people who are very new to feng shui and these are the readers that we need to educate them so we try to give them some FS knowledge so that they can learn or be convinced about my BRAND of feng shui. so if you find some stories that I have told before especially in my weekly thoughts then bear with me as I relate those stories again to them, just to share.

Some people have commented in my FACEBOOK that my BLOG has wisdom. cool and am glad he enjoy reading my blog. thanks !

The best time to read my BLOG is - before you sleep or next day before you start work.

ON FENG SHUI: Yesterday while doing the house's feng shui, this lady's mobile rang and it has a nice ringing tone : "my love will get you home". I said : "hei, I like this song" So she immediately send the tone over to my mobile. she took quite some time doing it and then later she played the ringing tone again and playfully said to me : "Master Lynn, since you love this song so much.......haha I play this song now to tempt you!!!" ..........wah, she so cute.

When I got home I edited the songs on my music playlists and now I can listen to it every time I am reading my own BLOG. hehe

ON DESTINY: I do notice one thing about people - in that those who speak cantonese will usually marry someone who also speaks cantonese or those who smoke will somehow end up with friends whose good friends are also smokers. which one is you ? I love to drink so I will have friends who also love to drink. "lei yum that mo ?" (cantonese)

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: To begin to be savvy is to first go for a life reading to determine which method is best for you - example : some people make the most money from property while some make the most from shares and others from other means. so the FIRST STEP in learning to be savvy is : to go to a fortune teller.

If you currently lose money in shares - please do not sell when you are loosing money now. you are suppose to buy more when the shares drop around August, September and October of 2008. By 22 December the shares can start to go up especially after "tung cheur" (tung yan). this is where we cash out (take back all the money) and that wraps up for the year of 2008.

TIP: " You can tell whether that person in front of you has love in the heart or don't"

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