Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fengshui and Ghosts, do you believe in Ghosts ?

Today, 21 July 2008, Monday, I went to work as usual and it's been a long day so I got home late but nevertheless rewarding.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The month, July will be a slow month for many people including property agents or others in business. Just stay COOL and give yourself activity everyday then all will be well. of course, your feng shui pond has to be working lah !!!

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: Last nite, I received a few sms and one of them said that my blog is actually very good and told me to keep it up. ai yo. The last 2 months when I was taking photos I realised that one of my favourite was to take clouds, the other was buildings like HDB flats or condos or office towers around when I was about to work.

Next time, you see anyone shooting the clouds or even their food before they eat - you will probably know that he or she is a blogger. hehe

ON FENG SHUI: Today, I wanted to write about my experiences with fengshui and ghosts. I shall tell one story first. Once there was a time when I went to check feng shui for a bungalow, towards the end of the fengshui audit, the lady owner asked me : "Master Lynn, is this house haunted ?" I looked at her without battling my eyelid and replied :"yes". then she asked me :"what did you feel or see ?".
I said that I felt very uncomfortable around my legs and that is when I know that the house is haunted. I told her that if she don't disturb the spiritis, they will not disturb you. I thought that she will stop at where I stop but she continued to test me and asked : "What did you see ? Can you tell me if it is a male or a female spirit ?"

Now.....I don't normally use my special skill and examine but then that time I had no choice but to use this secret skill to see with my third eye on what I can see and zoom at. Then I saw something and replied: "It is an old dark skinned man who is naked at the top and wear a sarong". She was shocked that I could see. Then she told me that she had invited someone to come and take a look and they told her the history of this land which belonged to the malay people where in the old days they don't wear a shirt at the top but simply a sarong. Then later I gave her some pointers on what to do to cleanse the house and then I left. This happend many years ago.

Conclusion: Do you believe in ghosts or spirits ? Can you feel them like I do or even to see them ?
ON DESTINY: I know a few of my life reading clients are very interested in destiny readings and they learned theirs from books and also want to know more from any expert. Well, if you like you can learn a few pointers here from me and how we use these information to help us buy the right shares or invest in the right unit trusts using the fengshui element in order to grow our wealth. stay tune.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Oh!.........the 1st August is coming.....and I really dread to think of what is going to happen especially from the stock market as I still have shares there. oh no !!

TIP: "Ghosts and spirits are the same to me : they are invisible however if you stare without blinking your eye hard enough, you maybe able to see them. try it"

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