Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ivan !!!

Today, 1st August 2008, Friday, I will be going down to Ubi office for life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today is my eldest son, Ivan's 18th birthday. He is currently attending Junior College. Last year I gave him a laptop with a built in webcam and I did'nt know what he did with it and then suddenly, I saw that his drawings had turn into colour. So beautiful, talented and creative. His dream is to study Animation, hopefully here in Singapore and to be his own boss with mummy as his shareholder/Advisor. hehe. Have a great day, my son and mummy loves you.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP: When I first started blogging, my mindset was to make online money from blogs and since others can do it, why can't I, that kind of mindset you know.......and if I can do it then I want to share it with everybody on how to make money. that way, the next time when you want to retire, maybe you too can become a blogger.

I know that when my blog becomes bigger I will need help and that is when I would need to hire people to help me build this blog or several blogs.

Yesterday, I was reading on lesson 26 - how to buy and sell blogs. I jumped lessons. hehe and it pointed to a particular website to go to - to advertise and sell. I was like WOW. cool and then now I am going to organise something.
Those who sign up BLOGMastermind through my link here will automatically qualify to become my BLOGGING CLUB members and I may plan to do it big. you see......I am on my next direction to help others and in blogging. I strongly believe that if we do it right, we can make money from a blog and also create traffic.
Yesterday, I had 770 visitors coming to my blog, nevermind if I did'nt collect alot of revenue from the advertisments, one can still sell a blog based on traffic.

So if you wish to join my BLOGGING CLUB, click here to join BLOGMastermind first. those who have joined, I know who you are. this campaign closes end August 2008. Then we will meet in September for buffet lunch at Sheraton Towers, all on me and the food's there great !!! We can brain storm or simply a get together and have fun. My sons can't join us cause they are having their exams, O level and A level, this year.

FENG SHUI: I have always enjoyed fengshui so when I was pregnant with my eldest son, I was already reading feng shui books and those days many were written in mandarin. it was a tough journey but I went on and then to build my own career path which has its up and downs. most importantly, my family are happy and have their own private space to grow.
DESTINY: Everyone needs to learn how to alter destiny so that their life onwards will be smooth and good. sometimes it is simply to own a car in your name where a car is big metal and the more luxury the car the better. it is simple things like these and so you will need to see a fortune teller to read your life and then explain to you. there is a lot of philosophy behind that you will find that there is so much to learn. I know of a client who loves to read about destiny and so I still keep this column so that he can learn the right thing.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Something is brewing soon and then the market will correct. last year, it caught alot of people and this year, many seemed to be more careful and aware. my members in yahoo mailing list had the best advice - they were told to be careful last year. this year and now here in this blog which is very open as anybody can read this. just be careful ok ? and keep cash and wait or do nothing. I intend to do nothing and just keep my shares.
TIP:"When you do alot of good deeds your children will benefit from that too"


TCH said...

Wow, Ivan is so so talented.
Happy Birthday.

Master Lynn - You are such a wonderful mother, always planning ahead for your boys.

Anonymous said...

Like the 1st drawings, very catching eye on this blog link.....

Anyway, animation is a real hot with computer gaming....

Found the secret FS tips daily interesting, where can we view the historical info ?