Saturday, August 02, 2008

Walk around in the shoes of people around you and then learn to care

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Today, 2nd August 2008, Saturday, I was invited for high tea at Shangrila Hotel with my lady client. we chatted and then off to do a house feng shui review at Choa Chu Kang. They were so nice that they gave me two bottles of red wine. Wow........just nice to drink them and watch the National Day Parade at home, I will show you the photo tomorrow.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP: This blog is like an add on to my official website, which is rather standard. You would'nt know the power of the BLOG till you started blogging. Trust me, its really good for business, more importantly, clients remember you. Some people call it a Business Blog.

Personally, I find it very useful to communicate with all my fengshui and life reading clients and for new visitors to know more about me and what I do.

When you DO the 2 of these together - the benefits are tremendous. One day I intend to sell both away or do something about them.

FOR BLOGS: I also intend to search for a few good blogs, group them together with my new blog or this fengshui blog and then plan to go for a listing. I believe if we have a viable business, we can list it somewhere. We will probably be the World's first GROUP of bloggers ever to make it to be listed. I like this idea very much and now to search for partners.

In BLOGMastermind Forum for Yaro's students, I can look at some good blogs and then can email them to see if they wish to participate. Give me time, I will need to work on my 2nd BLOG first.

In order to succeed, the most important factor is that the bloggers themselves must be ready.

My blog, maybe only 3 months old and I am talking about an alliance with other bloggers and to get listed. Can you see where I am coming from ? My feng shui blog is going listing and it is a blog !!! there are many ways to do it just like there are many ways to skin a cat.

If we don't have enough money to do it, we can always seek capital from Venture Capitalists. I am sure they will fund us if we can pitch a good marketing sales campaign. Is'nt that how you win your deals and is'nt that how I win my big fengshui jobs too ?

For everything to suceed, one needs to do marketing or sales. They are so important in life. We need to learn how to sell.

A BLOG can be like a magazine - If I can attract 10,000 readers per day and on fengshui topic which is a very niche market, I would think that I am very successful as a writer/blogger. Well first get my first 1000 readers and is coming soon. most importantly is the quality of my readers just like the quality of my clients who read my blog. Their mindset is so open and that is what I admire in them.

If you were to ask me where I did I find the time to BLOG ? FOCUS and STAY FOCUS and then there will be alot of time to do whatever you want to do or schedule the time or multi- task. Watch tv and blog too lah !!!

FENG SHUI: One of my signature feng shui is : A beautiful Chandelier above the dining table. The reason is : when one enters the house and see a beautiful chandelier then one is reminded of the word GRANDNESS and therefore your career would be very good and GRAND. Try it, it works.

FSQ NOTE: Afterthat, you find many shops starting to sell more and beautiful Chandeliers that even come in colours. hehe

DESTINY: If you are a fire person who already has 2 earth element in your chart then it is better that you own a landed property that is only about 2500 sq ft and not bigger if not your career would be jammed and then you will be in big trouble.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The amount of money that I talk about in this column on savvy investments maybe small amount for some but the CONCEPT behind maybe something new to take note of. One needs also to be gungho in order to succeed in investments.

TIP: "When you learn to be more attentive to people around you, you would have learnt to open your heart and it's because you have just learnt how to care"

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