Sunday, July 27, 2008

Learn to appreciate the people around you at work

Today, 28 July 2008, Monday, I went down to Chinatown to check office feng shui then go to Bedok for a hdb feng shui then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I will be quite busy this week and is hard for anyone to try and get an appointment with me. still keep your sms coming........I will try to fix something for you.

About work and productivity - well, I do know that there are some companies where the staff reads my blog and that is a good thing because my blog helps create productivity and help you to improve your sales. How ? Is it ??? giving you fengshui tips that I occasionally write about and that it can strike a cord with you. yeah. An Example is : Today's feng shui tip on how to get a good night's sleep as a good sleep can improve your productivity at work.

SINGAPORE's FASTEST BLOGGER LYNN YAP: One of the ingredients that when I read other blogs is : It must have that X-factor. if it did'nt have that X-factor then that is a normal blog. Another factor is : A blog has to be entertaining and has to make someone learn something or find it amusing and interesting for them to want to come and read it everyday. Everyday you joke.

A good marketing Blog is - when you update your blog, it also gets updated in Technorati as well as Mybloglog or other websites associated with your blog. They all have to go together. That way your blog will go up in search engines. I learn this though I am not an IT guy but I can say I am IT savvy or simply more intelligent. hehe

Most important is : I know how to make money from my Blog. A couple of thousands already came through and more than enough to pay for my one month ad in GOOGLE and I usually choose my good days then I start the Adwords Campaign and quit the compaign whenever I like.

So sometimes you will see my Ads in GOOGLE here and sometimes not there. So far this Ad has given me more fame and more new readers. I have a new group of readers to my BLOG who would never come to my feng shui website at and these are the fellow Singapore bloggers and overseas bloggers and those interested in online marketing. My blog has something interesting for them to read and is on the savvy investments.

I also intend to be Singapore's fastest blogger with 600 readers per day now and then going to 1,000 readers and then more. Most bloggers, I note took 2 years to get to where they are. I don't want to waste time, 2 years ? I am going to do it in 6 months for 1,500 readers per day. my new title is : Singapore's fastest blogger, Lynn Yap

FENG SHUI: This article is about feng shui and sleep - everyone needs a good sleep so what do you do when you can't sleep ?

Either go to the internet to surf websites till you are tired then go to bed or drink till you feel sleepy ? which method are you currently using ?

Some people may tell you that drinking is bad for you. Yes, I agree excessive drinking is bad but moderate drinking is fine and good for long life like drinking sake every night or a glass of whisky.

So what does having a good sleep do to you ? well it helps you to think better and especially if you have an important meeting to attend the next day, a deep sleep helps.

What then is the relationship between fengshui and sleep ? Read on....
1) A good bed is important - there should be 6 inches gap between the floor and the mattress. these beds will allow chi to flow underneath it and so you won't feel tired after waking up the next morning.

2) There should be a wall directly behind the bed and a wall directly opposite the wall.

3) Inside the bedroom, there should be no glass cabinet doors or mirrors in the bedroom otherwise you can't fall asleep easily then there will be lost hours, counting sheeps.

4) The worst is when you sleep with your legs facing the windows. The sun's rays will shine early into the room and you will be awake very early even though you have not rested enough.

For me personally : I do not use an alarm clock when I sleep. I have my own body clock to wake me up. that way I am always well rested for my next day's jobs. Every job to me is important as this involves people's lives, their health, wealth, career, business etc. I have to make sure that I cover everything that I wanted to tell my clients before I leave. You can say that I am responsible Geomancer which I am. However, in the course of my work, there are some jobs that I have done that can keep me awake at night if I don't learn to let go.

5) Next, if you can place your bed in the wealth area or the power area of your house then you would always be in good luck always at least for the next 20 years.

And do try to sleep early say 10.30pm every night or by midnight is healthy for you.

DESTINY: A day water person will always have the destiny to always travel. Don't believe me ask around ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Thank you to all my new readers who find this column interesting.

Do you know why I wanted my blog to be about investments and coming from my own personal experiences and to share with my clients from fengshui ?

It was because early this year, I met a 70 year old man who just bought another landed property next door to his house and he didn't know where to get the bank to lend him the money. I felt that if I had written more about my own experiences with finding the best bank loan (red colour bank) for my own needs then more people can benefit from the feng shui angle.

With this in mind, I started my blog on The Savy Investor but because I wanted it to be on GOOGLE's search engine page 1 for Singapore Fengshui, I had to use Singapore's Fengshui Queen in front and this is about using Adwords for search engines.

In 2007, I did become a savy investor afterall my properties that I had bought never loose money firstly because my feng shui is excellent and my destiny also suit buying property. I somehow would always have the money to buy when the property prices start to dip. My next property investment will be in 2010 when the property prices will have the biggest fall. I know I will buy something that year, just watch this space and see where I buy.

PREDICTION: Those in the water industry will soon be in trouble, be careful.

TIP: "Smile or say hello to all at the work place and the world would be a better place for everybody"


KKSR said...

Hi Lynn,
I've read your books. I've read about you for sometime. There's one thing I've always wanted to say to you...."You're Beautiful!" It's a double edged sword. Some people may not take you seriously, simply because you're too pretty to be dabbling in FS. On the other hand, your good looks can also attract business to you.

Lynn Yap said...

You are spot on. 10 years ago, I did have this problem. now 10 years later and looking older, it is much better and easier to do my job plus also because of my strong reputation of my "fengshui that works" plus my most accurate predictions year after year, that many have come to trust thru the years. cheers !!!

JT said...

Master Lynn,
2 questions:
A. Why will property drop in 2010?
B. Why will water industry be unfavourable? Actually thought since next year is strong metal so fire, wood and water industries will be favourable.

Thanks in advance for your replies.