Sunday, July 27, 2008

I have the feng shui eye, do you ?

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How is your Sunday, ? well, today, I went down to my parents' place as usual and then to work at Boon Keng Area. the photo above shows where I was this afternoon. hehe

DAILY THOUGHTS: If you like to make friends you may wish to join social websites like Zorpia I joined Zorpia maybe 2 years ago and have a fengshui group there though not so active. my female clients invited me to join so I join just to find out, curious.

LYNN YAP BLOG: There was a day when my blog had 618 page loads (618 visitors) on 24 July 2008, Thursday, in my stats counter found at the bottom of my blog, on the right. This counter is really interesting as once your blog hits more than 500 page loads (500 visitors) it will stop there because it is free so in order to update it to show the current number of page loads, I had to pay money and so I did.

In fact when I first started my blog I download free blog profits blueprints, read all about blog and how to make it successful and also bought into an e book on Adwords on how to make convincing advertisments with GOOGLE so that I would have as many clicks from GOOGLE out of the page views as this is what termed sales and this is what that counts, to convert clicks into a sales. But it was'nt my intention as I just wanted my blog to have many visitors per month. Well......... with that motivation in mind, the sales somehow also come.

Incidently, my BLOG is on page 13 of GOOGLE's search engine on "Singapore fengshui". I will work hard and write more content to reach to page 1. Not bad, already for a new 2 months blogging on fengshui and investments.

FENG SHUI: Do you see feng shui with your eye everyday ? well, I do. I eat, sleep, breathe, blog also feng shui. it has become so much a part of life that I just can't imagine living my life without it. I don't expect you to be like me so fengshui savvy like me, I had to because it is my passion as well as my career. while for you - it is probably a hobby or something to use and then that's it.

DESTINY: When your heart is kind you will meet with good people around you. do you believe in this as in your destiny ? and how your life is going to shape up in the next 10 years or so ? I certainly do and it was that curiousity about my own future that gave me the strong passion to want to learn more and more about destiny reading and how to perfect it. so far most of my predictions have been very accurate for the last few years and that is why every year, many come to listen to me speak on my PREDICTIONS for the year.

The second half of the year begins on 1 August 2008 and these 6 months are the months when the rat is at its strongest. so either it is very good for you or very negative. just be prepared is the best. we can expect disasters, floods, typhoons to happen very soon and a big correction in the stock markets around the world, probably occuring on 13 or 14 August 2008.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you are planning to buy your first property then usually try to get one that is 999 leasehold or freehold. this is because in time to come there will be capital appreciation. once you have bought your first house then it is now time to save more and buy the next house which could then be one that is 99 leasehold either for you to wait 5 years later to sell, make a profit or who knows maybe en bloc potential.

Try not to only own one house, aim for two properties if you can and then learn how to grow your wealth so that when you are old there is something there for you and your children.

The last house that you intend to stay can be 60 years leasehold or even 99 years leasehold, just make it fully paid so that you don't have to worry about that roof over your head when you finally stop working. maybe that time you will learn how to blog. hehe

The next 11 years from 2008 to 2019 - if we wish to make profit is to find one that can give you the most profit and with capital appreciation. though we maybe looking at our passive income but there is something one needs to know. What is your exit strategy for properties ? when do you intend to cash ALL out or to will it for your children or donate to charity or to save the money made for your own retirement fund ?

REMEMBER: Exit strategy for properties is important.

TIP:" fengshui eye means to eat, sleep, breathe and blog about fengshui as fengshui is my world and I am fengshui"

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Good Tip on investment Lynn wld keep it in mind.