Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stone lions, you like them ? they are my friends

Today, 16 July 2008, Wednesday, I have bookings for 3 life readings at my office so came home late and these clients are those who had read my BLOG !!! wow. I felt like a celebrity doing their life readings. Anyhow, we had great fun and talk.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How do you like my 15 secret fengshui tips ?

Well, so fast and I got 15 tips already. I still intend to keep them and then do a e-book and then sell it through paypal however these days I have been busy so haven't have the time to read up on the pay pal bit. later, maybe.

ON LYNN YAP BLOG: This morning when I opened my email I saw a mail about a survey on bloggers and I promptly participated. there was one question that particulary caught my eye which was the one on : What would you like to do with this blog at the end ? hmm..........here was a question on my EXIT STRATEGY for this blog. I replied that I would like to one day sell this BLOG away to any investors. cash out then I exited. COOL, I thought to myself.

ON FENG SHUI : There is this case where the clients' house feng shui changed because their opposite neighbour places a pair of stone lions on their gate pillars. then this client had to go and buy a bigger pair of stone lions to sit on their own gate pillars. however the bigger ones are too big and expensive on their gate pillars and in the end they settle for a nice pair that sits in front of their main door.

Feng Shui Note: Remember to get one bigger one than your neighbour and make sure your neighbour is not a feng shui master. ahem.

ON DESTINY: You know......it is always so interesting to read people's lives and help them to plan whether they can get rich through properties or even shares and how to go about doing it. I would like to think that I had actually make a difference to their lives.

Today, one client said to me : "Master Lynn, why did you BLOG so late ? if not I could have come to you earlier". I laughed and said :"the timing was not right for me" ......well now is and is never too late.

ON SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Someone ask me about my post on : "money in and never come out "concept. Well.......this has always been my feng shui concept since the day I started my feng shui business. On the wishing table with 3 drawers, I would somehow draw a savings book and then promptly inform my clients to put money here and where : "Money goes in and don"t come out". I think by now........my clients savings' books or bank statements would probably got a lot of money already. hehe

Someone also ask me about buying properties during one of his session on life readings and I said "yes if you wish to buy one now" : either go for landed property or condo which is 999 leasehold or freehold, if you wish to buy a 99 leasehold one then be a bit careful that you don't loose money. choose a good location for that.

So we chatted about this and then I said : if you are a new buyer maybe you only need to put a 10% down and the rest can take a loan. Well, he told me that the interest rate for a 10% down vs a 20% down is different. hmmm............food for thought. ok ?
ON HEALTH: Do good deeds , donate via internet to overseas temples or any charitable organisations that you choose so that your health would always be good. Also go for body massages or foot massages as these are very good for blood circulation and to take salmon sashimi (I support Sake Sushi) http://www.sakesushi.com/ at least once in two weeks. Vitamins once a day is also good, this one is for longivity.

TIP: " To live a long life, one must be free from stress"

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