Saturday, July 19, 2008

Success is a journey from platform to platform and is never ending

Today, 20 July 2008, Sunday, I drove to my parents' place spent some time with them then drove back and off to Sheraton Towers for a discussion on caesaran birth and some fengshui matters. I had my red wine there. hehe

DAILY THOUGHTS: If you are keen to understand fengshui, this is the blog for you as I am a feng shui expert and does many projects that are very important. What you read in the daily fengshui tips here in my BLOG are the tip of an iceberg because the actual detailed feng shui work involves a lot more skill and understanding into the work and how to make feng shui work for the clients such that todate as you can see - I have many followers and they are mostly my clients.

PHOTO: This photo is taken outside my investment house - on the street where you live.

ON SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP BLOG: I was tagged in this Blog. Cool. Read on

About my BLOG, yes......... I write all this stuff myself (broken english and all) and add in this and that............ plus, I have my own style of writing that makes my readers tick and make me super tick...... that is what's important, a BLOG that has the ability to capture readers, time after time, positive thinking lah !

A client told me that : My blog captures a very niche market and because it is a niche market, money can be earned. well said. my business did grow after I BLOG and then I find that I have to work harder which was not my intention why I blog. I just wanted to tell my clients that I do update my website, you know ? weekly lah but with a blog now is daily.....then now my clients know what I do everyday. hmm.......maybe it is good then they know that I am actually very busy and that I work 7 days a week but not all the hours.

ON FENG SHUI: Last night while watching the final espisodes of the Cantonese Serial on Starhub's channel 107, I found this page about my predictions for 2008, the year of the rat in euromoney magazine.

ON DESTINY: Caes. birth is something that is most difficult to do and that is why my fee for this is expensive S$218/- as it involves a new life and how this new life can affect the parents' fortune, health, relationships and harmony. That is why it has to be planned carefully and no mistakes.

I usually plan for an intelligent baby so that these children of our nation will grow up to be smart and later can lead our nation. I also give them very good chinese names so that when they go to China to do business and when people ask who gave you your chinese name ? and if they mentioned that their parents consulted Queen of Singapore's would be like a WAH !!!! I've done it again !!!

TIP: "Be thankful that I am still around to help you and I help with all of my sincerity to wish you well. I also work harder and go the extra mile for you"


Anonymous said...

yes! "Be thankful...." Master Lynn, I hope when my son grow up, he still can contact you for your FS service... Thank you..happy everyday!

Lynn Yap said...


Ai Yoh !!! when I "lau kok kok" already, you still want me to work ? hehe....... maybe look for my son.