Thursday, July 24, 2008

What is the meaning of life ?

Today, I went to Ubi Office to do 2 life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: There will be more negative news coming up about inflation, earthquakes, floods etc so just be prepared. My trip to Jakarta has been confirmed and am travelling by SQ as I always insist on SQ unless no flights then no choice.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Occasionally I do advertise in GOOGLE just to get more clicks.of course there are many ways to increase traffic without advertising, you can go surf and find out or chat with me about blogs when you come for a life reading, it's really interesting.
FENGSHUI: This week when I was at the ubi canteen to have my breakfast then I met my client who later came and sat at my table and asked me about plants. Question :"Master Lynn, where should plants be placed in the house ?" I replied that they should be placed in the wealth area or power area of the house. We chatted and had a few good laughs and then I went off.

DESTINY: There was once when my shop was at Serangoon area and when a lady came to see me for a life reading and after telling me her story asked : "Is it ok for her to go for an abortion". This has been the toughest question to reply firstly because of my buddhist faith and secondly because of my job as a professional fortune teller. What do one do ? what would you do if you are in my shoes ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Sometimes we are busy working that we don't have time to plan about our finances. well, did your spouse carry a calculator and ask you how much have you saved ? hehe I can tell you - most women would set aside some money that the husband do not know about and if she has seen me for a life reading before getting married I would remind her too.

There was a couple that I know who has 3 children and almost every 2 years I see him changing a new car. One day I said to him during a house review. I said I think you should create more wealth or at least keep them to let your children have one million dollars each. He looked at me completely stunned. I probably drive home an important point. that's me lah.....fengshui master and savvy.

ZEN TEACHINGS: If ever my son ask me :"what is the meaning of life, mum ?" I would reply :"the meaning of life is to benefit others. you have to live your life for other people with the motivation of making them happy or to help them find happiness. you can do any job you want as long as it serves this purpose then when you have achieved that my son, your own happiness and purpose of life will be fufilled"

On a personal note: It took me many years of discovering and reading to find out this purpose of my life. what's yours ?

TIP: "The meaning of my life is to benefit others"

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