Friday, July 25, 2008

If you are a judge for a BLOG, what would you look for ?


1) Traffic - the blog has to have consistent traffic that is increasing

2) Revenue that comes from the BLOG's Advertisments must be substantial -

3) Comments in the blog - this shows that there is interaction between the readers and the writer of the blog

4) The look of the blog - how appealing it is to the eye

5) The photos and video - these are the tools for a Professional Blogger

6) A large email mailing list that is collected from the blog - so that revenue can be made next time through affiliate marketing and this can be huge revenue if you are planning to be a Professional Blogger.

7) The contents that you write - has to be interesting and also tie in with the award title that you submitted your blog for. An example : if it is an Insightful Blog Award, then how insightful is it ? do readers get to feel what you think and know you ? do the readers get insightful after reading the blog ? insightful has to do with the inner soul. it has to touch the heart and make people take action.

8) How old is the blog -

9) What is the ranking of this blog in the search engines -

10) What is the impact of this blog to society -

NOTE: numbers : 1, 2, 3, 6 are most important ingredients for a successful blog.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

Thanks for the fengshui tips 25. If we do not want our little girls to be stubborn, what can we do ? Please advise. Thanks.