Thursday, August 07, 2008

8888 - Chu Nee How Yuen !!!

Today, I went to ubi office and then to do my personal stuff see Nancy and then home. I work from home, ok ? and today, I also changed the heading colour to bright red as the red colour always bring me more followers and fans and this is what I want from this blog - more readers.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today is the 8th August 2008 - wow !!! what a big day and when I wake up at 7am this morning overslept a bit lah........and read my sms and saw one interesting one on what to do today since it is such a big day ? I replied to her to go offer a candle to Buddha or any Gods that she pray to. So what did I do then ? : I immediately go to my Yahoo GROUP private mailing list with over 2126 members and replied a mail and then to inform members there that if they have the time to go and do it.

In order to know more about me is to read my blog and to be on my yahoo mailing list so that I can give you the latest information.

Well.....this scene in my mind reminded me of last year 2007 on 4 Feb 2007 where my clients all dressed in red t-shirts or red top and they went to a bank that was opened on a sunday to bank in money and hei !!! the ang ang one works eh ? last year we all did very well, right ? so bear in mind that NOT all years we will do well, sometimes ok or average and sometimes extremely good. Once you understand this : you will never complain because you know what is ahead of you and to also go with the flow.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP : My blog has finally reach the front page, number 1 for the GOOGLE search on Lynn Yap while I am still number 10 in the search for Singapore Fengshui.

You is really so nice to have an average of 600 readers to my BLOG each day. Thank you so much for making my day. Today if you strike the TOTO 8 Million dollars, sms me !!! I don't want anything from you, just wanna know if my fengshui work or not lah. hehe

FENG SHUI : To experience fengshuiQueen brand of fengshui is to take the first step to have your life read. then you will know me in person and then you can judge how I am. There are many who have consulted me in this lifetime and I've heard many had done very well after meeting me. I am so happy you know...... especially when I heard it from my lady client yesterday and she was also told that her friends told her.....I am quite a humorous fengshui master.

FSQ NOTE: "Learn to laugh at yourself. Once you can do this you are on your way to happiness and greater fortune"

DESTINY: There was a time when I met a HR manager and she was so afraid to be laid off that she consulted me. I told her to wear a 3D pig pendant, 916 gold round her neck and wear it for the whole year so that her career would be alright. She did THAT and then her career was ok, that was in the snake year, 2001. did it work ?

The idea behind was : to wear the animal sign on you so that the year of the snake comes and will attack the pig that you worn round your neck and not on the pig in your bazi.

Those who are now wearing animal signs on you - you must understand why you are wearing these and not follow blindly. I spent so many hours writing in my blog as well as my yahoo mailing list so please learn something, ok ? and fengshui is not religious nor is it superstitious. It is REAL and there. So just try to discover the beauty of feng shui and destiny as they go hand in hand together.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Try and save as much as you can this year as next year 2009 would not be a good year with unemployment going up. So do becareful ok ?

To all my 650 readers - Chu Nee How Yuen !!! and strike big big !!! in today's 8 million dollars TOTO draw !!!

TIPS: "when the timing is right for you, it is time to strike"

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Homely Guy said...

Congrats on your blog getting number 1 in Google search!

Cheers :)

P.S. Btw, me and my wife will be seeing you this coming Sat for annual review. Also, like to buy the wealth bowl from you, still have stocks?

Thank you!