Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's the FIRST time you do something that can make you worry

Today, 7 August 2008, Thursday, as usual I went to ubi office for work and these days, most clients would talk about my LYNN YAP BLOG which probably caught the fengshui market or maybe only my clients by storm hehe and oh there is a Big Storm coming.

Yesterday, I was trying something new and decided not to place an ad in GOOGLE just to see how many readers I've got and to my surprise, I can get as many as 612 visitors to my blog, that's cool and now I intend to work and increase it to 1,000 readers per day.

Yesterday, BLOGGER of Life of lopsided 8 sms me to say she hope to find a new employer. Anyone keen to hire her as a writer or to do events management, I think she is good for that because she can work fast. Check her blog under my Clients Blog Roll and email her. oh and she's got a distinction for her English at her A levels. Oh, no wonder she writes well and hei !!! I got the vision to note that. hehe

DAILY THOUGHTS: It's the first time that you buy a house all by yourself that makes you scared or worried. then do this many times and then you won't be afraid. It's the first time you ride a bicycle that you are scared and it's only THAT VERY FIRST TIME after that you are ok.

All this is human nature and in some of us only, this do not apply to some people who are naturally not afraid of anything. That is why todate there are a few men and women who are so afraid to get married and I usually have to give them a little push or tell them to get themselves pregnant so that the guy will marry you.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP : This is my BLOGGER Report Card of visitors coming to my blog, less than 3 months old and they come from everywhere, not just Singapore.
1st month, 20 May 2008 - June 2008 - 6000 visitors
2nd month, June 2008 - July 2008 - 13, 624 visitors
3rd month, July 2008 - August 2008 - todate 3759 visitors
Source: STAT Counter, 23,383 visitors

Total/today : 23, 684 visitors todate, according to domino counter.
Total/today : 27,913 visitors/page impressions according to GOOGLE account. I set up GOOGLE first so this should be more accurate.

It's been fun blogging and it's the counter that moves that keeps my passion on, so do visit me often ok ?

FENG SHUI: One of my Signature Fengshui must be the pond beside the wishing table - if any house that you go to has a combinaton of these in the house then you can be sure that that house has been fengshuied by me, fengshuiQueen which is a registered trademark in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. "fengshui that works" is trademarked still. I have been using Queen of Singapore's fengshui or fengshuiQueen since 1997. It's been many years already, my 612 readers and because I seldom advertise the last few years doesn't mean that I am not around. I was too busy working and travelling that you probably haven't heard of me that's all, but now you do. hehe
FengshuiQueen is a personality branding that brought me fame and wealth but I feel that not many people appreciate my personality branding.
In 1997 when I did my personality branding, there are not many personality branding around then. Can you SEE my vision then ?

DESTINY: A fire day pillar person can be emotional and firey at times. watch your emotion most of the time and never let emotions control you. you have to learn to control your emotions.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: How to save money ? the first step is maybe look at all your expenses. buy a small notebook and write down each day what you spend on and then in a week , in a month, you would have a whole lot of figures to look at. And if you do not like looking at figures it is a destiny thing but you can't blame it on destiny and then walk away.

You have to learn how to save money by looking at all your expenses in a month. The second step is to go through the list to see what is a good expense and what is a negative expense.

Good Expense refers to those you pay your bank loans. This is because even though you are paying your loans for your house there is equity that is being built up and slowly. Can you see this ? if you can see this, you are on the right track to your financial freedom. This is a common knowledge that most people know however there are also many people out there who do not know or maybe because it did'nt register in their mind.

These group of people need to be reminded.This is because everytime they come for a life reading for example they will always tell me they don't have money. But after I analyse their destiny reading and then ask about the type of house that they are living in and this is where I tell them that actually they are rich. the money is in the house and the minute they sell away the house all the cash would come out. They need to learn how to see the bigger picture about their wealth. I am not sure if I should use the word expense or debt. bottomline is the concept behind. just like the way you understand my fengshui, I always talk about the concept behind why you do this and that.And fengshui has to be logical if it is not logical I also would'nt like it.

I believe you already know this, however just be patient with me as I do know that there are many people out there who are unaware and I just want to share this and hope that you can benefit.

TIP: "We just need to overcome our innermost fear, what are you most afraid of ?"

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