Friday, August 29, 2008

Be humble at all times

Today, 30 August 2008, Saturday, I went down to Bedok to check feng shui then to Ubi office for a selection of wedding dates.

DAILY THOUGHTS: After many years into the business, I still find people writing to me via snail mail to my "3P Fengshui Studio" which was incorporated around 1997/98, a sole proprietor company and in year 2000, we converted it to a Pte Ltd company. this company who sent me the snail mail, obviously got the correct office address but outdated information and am I suppose to inform them ? they can always check the registrar of companies to know if this company is still in existance or changed name. Anyhow, my accountant keeps all the records for me and keeps me updated while I also update him on my most recent purchase on The Issara, Ladprao Condo if you have been to Bangkok, you will know which one and is not built yet, ready by 2010. the developer is a listed company in BKK and there are still units available and you might wish to buy one next 2 doors away from me ? hehe

LYNN YAP BLOG: I am probably the only person in Singapore to advertise my blog in GOOGLE Adwords unless you know of any other then I am not the only one but maybe the first one hehe ever to advertise a personal blog although blogs have been around Singapore for some years now as I have seen some blogs that started around 2003.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui only became accepted and became popular only after 10 years especially in the english speaking market and since 1998. The begining years were very tough as we were not allowed to advertise but at that time, there was a BE.Magazine and I advertise a small ad there and that sealed my career. my company grew and finally I decided to grow my own net worth rather than the company itself and that's where I am today.

DESTINY: A person who is born in the animal sign of the tiger is also usually a tall person.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: My investment plan is to capitalise on the next pig year, 2019 and to make a purchase before that year, still got 10 years to save. I started to think about my budget and what I can afford and what is a good investment condo to go for. I think at the most I can go for a max S$2 milion property and with a 20% downpayment (now saving very hard or get an asset loan to cover the shortfall when the time comes) and have to buy it earlier and TOP by 2018, year of the dog and then by pig year sell with tenancy. Big risk and this is my case study project A only and is dependant on whether I can find a good fengshui condo with the swimming pool at the right location in Singapore.

My other project B is to buy a retirement home overseas - I will still read the annual review for you and for 5 years, one seating but you will have to come to me, where ever country, I choose, maybe Bangkok, maybe somewhere else and I will travel round the world even though my retirement home is elsewhere or even in Singapore, I just need a small unit for 2 as I will be hardly home. I make sure that I feng shui it so that I can always fly. hehe

TIP: "Just imagine yourself to be the smallest one among all friends and you will do well in being humble"

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Wealth Journey said...

Retirement Home?
Well, I got a few in mind.. my personal preference really... but.. here goes..
1st choice) Taiwan - Great food, Great Culture, Great Entertainment
2nd choice) China - As above, though security and healthcare is still lacking
3rd choice) Australia - Everything is right about this place except that it gets pretty boring at night..