Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good energy in the house is very important for good fortune

Today, 21 August 2008, I went down to the western part of Singapore to do a condo fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: It's been 3 months already and sometimes I wonder if it is a good thing to start blogging. this is because as I blog my way, I also reveal alot about myself and my thoughts. Now many people know MORE about me. Well, once we have decided to do something, we have to continue most important is there are two benefits : 1) my business has improved 2) my 800 daily readers are very happy to read my blog as they can learn some of my thoughts of what I think and their mindset and attitude towards matters can change also and become better.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I remembered 3months ago when I began blogging and a man asked me how it is like to blog ? and I replied that "it was like talking to myself". 3 months later, I met the same man again at work and I told him "this time when I blog, I have readers and is not small now is 800 readers"

I remembered when it used to be only 400 readers and then it grow and grow. It is really interesting to know how anyone's blog can grow but I read alot about blogging and did my homework too and now I have my own blog traffic secrets. Some people blog about food and they can get ,8000 readers per day but that blog is a general topic and something that is close to Singaporean's heart and passion - FOOD.

I wonder how many fengshui masters in Singapore blogs and have many readers. What does it tell you about this master if this master has many readers ? No, it is not because this master's fengshui skill is "it chez pan".....hehe but rather this master has a people's touch to it and cared. of course, the fengshui has to work lah if not where got readers ? people will be throwing rotten eggs at me. Er....rotten eggs also increase in price. hehe

People read my blog is not because they are just readers as most of them are my clients thru the years. They know me is because they have invited me to their homes or they have their life read by me. of course there are those who are simply readers.Thank you my wonderful readers, it is you these days that make me blog harder.

FENG SHUI: A simple explanation of what is fengshui is like this : Do you believe when I say that you can place a small fountain there in the wealth area of the house which activates the wealth and 3 months later, you can see the result ? would you believe if this is, fengshui ?

DESTINY: How does one fall in love when in their life it is very difficult to meet the man in their lives ? and I think being a female fengshui master has its advantages in that we are free to talk about love and sex and I became known as a Master who is very free minded and easy going. I tell people to go get yourself pregnant !!! Well for these group of ladies I will write about how to meet your mr right. I will do this article to help you as I know most ladies go to work and then home and hardly network or interact with friends outside work.

For me, the last 7 years I had done many networking, going to functions for charities etc. these days, I do alot less and am home more.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you wish to be known as a savy investor you must know how to make money in your life otherwise how to call yourself savvy ? people will laugh at you, you know ? so start buying some books to read and see if you can implement any of what you read.

Passive Income is something most books talk about and maybe you can consider how to have a passive income of say S$10k per month then you don't really need to work anymore, if not try for a S$5k passive income. Please note your age as most of you have 20 years of working time while for me, I am left with 10.

TIP:"Negative energy in the house brings misery"

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