Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Wish you Good Luck !!!

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today, as usual I went to work just that I did'nt think I want to announce where I've been.

Anyhow last nite, "life of lopsided 8" Blogger http://www.lol8.blogspot.com/ sms me at nite saying she posted something about me. I replied "ok" while already in bed..........hehe she did'nt know lah then this morning I woke up at 6am and read it and found it pretty well written, I mean she can write well. I also saw that her site meter has increased now from 9,500 to now 25,000, that's GOOD and COOL.

Her new house is : Another case of the WIND and WATER strikes again !!! because I was there in the house lah !!! Last saturday, another client also waited patiently for me to come though I was about 30 mins late to do the house review. they told me everytime I come to their house they are sure to strike 4D. I gave them a a BIG SMILE and GRINNED and then I wish them Good Luck and say : "chu nee how yuen" (wish you good luck) with those words, I know deep down they are sure to strike.

How did I know that my words "chu nee how yuen" is so powerful ? Well....many years ago, there was once I joined a RC Zone 3 at Choa Chu Kang Area and I organised a Christmas Party and sponsered some of the prizes then and my committee members who come from all walks of life helped in the preparation and then waited for the MP to arrive and celebrate with our citizens in the evening. One rather pump man, a committee member said he wished to get one of the prizes for his children and I looked at him and said : "chu nee how yuen", that was in 1995/96 time frame when I was serving this RC Zone 3 and to my biggest surprise, he REALLY strike a prize and from that day onwards, you would have noticed in all my PREDICTION TALKs and at the end of it , I will always say these words : "chu nee how yuen" because I know you can get GOOD LUCK !!! from me.

So, go buy 4D this weekend maybe you may strike or the 8 million dollar TOTO draw. I am not buying, you can go ahead and strike big big.

So, my dear clients, if you wish to serve your area Residents Committee Zone, just go ahead and help your fellow citizens around you. It can REALLY be an eye opener for you as you will meet people from all walks of life. I have been there, done that already, now maybe it is your turn.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP: Are you going to BLOG soon ? or shall I wait for new bloggers to join me in my Clients Blog Roll.

FENG SHUI : One fengshui cures that most fengshui masters use would be a convex mirror that is rather big and we would use this to bounce off the swimming pool if the pool is in the wrong place in relation to your house or to bounce off any sharp objects directly facing your house or office and the main idea behind it is - to make them disappear. The convex mirror is usually placed on the wall directly above the main door or above any windows.

DESTINY: A person who is born a Dog or Dragon animal sign or has the hour of a Dog or Dragon is someone who knows how to buy shares but do not know when to sell, so please learn how to sell.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The only way any man can learn to grow rich is to FIRST learn how to save money. Learning how to save money is not an overnight thing. It is a habit and your life style may also change to some extent but then your own wealth can then grow rich.

Learning how to save is to first learn to watch what you buy and how much you save. If you can save 50% of whatever is from your income then you are very very good already and then don't anyhow spend on unneccesary things.

Learning to save is about : Spending on things that is required today and urgent and if it can wait till next month then learn to wait. Don't buy yet. It is a MINDSET thing but then only when your MINDSET has changed then one can then learn how to grow rich or to even build their own wealth.

6 August - tiger/strong wood
7 August - rabbit/lesser wood
8 August - dragon/strong earth

On 8 August 2008 - This date is a Dragon day and is of the earth element so if earth is your favourable element in your bazi then you may wish to invest more in the coming TOTO draw. who knows you may be the S$8 million dollar winner !!!!

"CHU NEE HOW YUEN !!!" says Master Lynn Yap, fengshuiQueen, fengshui that works

PS: Sms me if you strike ok ?

TIP:"Be happy for others when others do well then your heart would have opened"


Anonymous said...

Hi Master Lynn Yap
Just love yr blog n u r right.I m born Dragon-know how to buy but do not know how to sell at the right time.Maybe something wrong with my star.Any good tips for the comming 8 million toto-Money not enough leh
Ha ha ha
Anyway all the best to yr blog

Anonymous said...

hi masterlynn
i m an earth person i hv bought TOTO for monday and friday draw but i wil invest more for this Friday n if i strike any amount 50% wil go to sumone else who need it more than me! like u say fast n easy wealth may really be too heavy for any one :)
thanks for your wishes and good luck to everyone @@

Anonymous said...

HI masterlynn
OK !! @@