Tuesday, August 05, 2008

When your mind is troubled you will never be able to see the bigger picture

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DAILY THOUGHTS: When I write my blog daily, I always have my most precious clients in mind FIRST because they have been supporting me all these years and so when I BLOG to tell my feng shui stories everyday, I try to make it interesting so that they can learn more about fengshui and yet can find it amusing such that their day will never be a dull one.

Well, START each day with my BLOG first or READ it before you go to bed, whichever one that suits you best.

Yesterday, I went down to Starhub and got my blackberry phone. hehe

Last nite, my web developer bought a new domain name for me to BLOG and as I mentioned that it is about entrepreneurs, the domain name is entrepreneurplatform.com. it is going to be about tips on being An Entrepreneur. This BLOG will definately go for sale when it is ready. I take my blogging seriously as you can see me, buying Gadgets, buying courses to read on how to make a successful blog etc and would like to learn from others mistakes so that I can save time and move from here.

BLOGGING is BIG BUSINESS in USA with conferences being held for them etc and has taken the World by storm with so many people blogging, just a couple of years ago.

Many of us like myself did not get into IT till this year 2008 when the timing was right for us. There are many bloggers out there who are lost on how to blog or to Create money from their blogs and so you would really need to be GOOD and SMART in order to stand up to be counted. More Advertisers will soon start to get their products to get bloggers to help them to sell. I have even heard of a new term call Blog Network that is if you own several blogs not just one.

Well, if you would like to learn more about blogging - click here and if you subscribe into just one month of Yaro Starak's Coaching Program at AUD$97/- I am prepared to give you a life reading fee of S$100/- (normal is S$150/-) and if you subscribe to his 6 months of coaching materials AUD$497/- then you can get your house fengshuied by me for S$400/- (normal is S$688/-) if it is a HDB flat and this offer expires in end August 2008.


Yaro is a Great Coach as I myself have benefited by reading his Blog Profit Blueprints and my BLOG started off so well and so beautifully and I am now on his Coaching Program, I signed up for 6 months to learn more and together with his over 200 new students where I can also promote my blogs there. There is this great forum that is closed to public and you should be here if you are a new blogger like me.

With 2 n half months into BLOGGING, I would like to thank Yaro Starak who had helped me with this BLOG by giving some part of my time. If you are unsure of this then sms me at : +65-9685-2718 , I am available to you by sms, 24 hours, I work harder for you.

SINGAPORE BLOGGER LYNN YAP - I think I am still by far Singapore's fastest blogger with first month at 6000 visitors and now coming to 2 n half months at 22,000 visitors. We can make money from a blog, trust me and I can show you how but most important is you must have the passion to blog. this is because readers can FEEL your energy whether you are happy to be blogging or not.... so you must naturally love it, blogging ok ? hehe and your mindset must be positive that you can do it and then you WILL.

FENGSHUI NOTE: Make a statement first and then work towards it. Even if I am not Singapore's fastest blogger todate at least I am close. With this note, Make a Statement that you are a millionaire and soon you will be one. cheers !!!

FENG SHUI - There was a day when I went to an office and I was waiting to meet the CEO when I started to have a little chat with the receptionist. I asked :"So how's the feng shui going ?" she replied :"Master Lynn, the phone calls have been ringing nonstop and I am so busy!!!". I looked at her and asked whether she informed her boss and she replied that she did but then the management did nothing.

Then I left her as it was my turn to meet this CEO and I promptly informed him of what the receptionist told me. He was startled and exclaimed that :"Master Lynn !! you not only make a great fengshui master but you are also a great management consultant!!!". I laughed did my thing and then went off, this happened some 9 years ago.

DESTINY - A person whose hour pillar has fire in his earthly branches is usually a very intelligent kid. Most babies if their parents did their caes. birth dates read by me will always produce an intelligent child so that they can be the leaders of tomorrow for our nation. I don't do many but there has been quite a few already thru the years.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS - Are you a saver or a spendthrift guy ? what are your values towards money ? If you are saver you would have to live by that name. SAVE. ahem. Are you like that ?

Anyhow, it is always great to save money and park them in your bank and always remember that money in your bank STAYS and don't get lost elsewhere, ok ?

If you plan to buy a luxury car and don't intend to pay too much every month so you will automatically take say S$20k and put into the purchase of this car without realising ONE fact that - (the fengshui fact) that when the money is taken out from your bank and left only say S$5k then you will feel very very poor as money will crawl slowly to this bank account.

THE FENGSHUI CONCEPT is - The more money in the bank can attract more cash to come to you. The lesser amount in the same bank will not be able to attract fast cash to come to you and hence all will be slow. You get it ?

TIP: "In order to calm the mind, one has to learn meditation of any form"

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Joanne said...

Hi Master Lynn Yap, On your secret fengshui tip -36, how many water is considered a lot in a bazi ?