Saturday, August 09, 2008

Have a DREAM and you CAN DREAM !!!

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Anonymous said...

hi , i like the photos you took. But I am wondering why you like take photos of the sky. Is it related to Fengshui?

Lynn Yap said...

Thank you for your comments. Most of my clients by now know that I like to take photos of clouds and buildings. there is no really any particular meaning as relating to fengshui. However, on a certain day, I can see forever or I can see a "dragon" or a "luyee" in the clouds. I guess for me it is more of a personal thing, more to me than fengshui per se.

It's like seeing what the Universe up there is telling you. we all live under the big blue sky but when I start to look at the clouds, you may not be looking at it this very time while I am. So the clouds tell me a story "there and then" and then they move. It is like what a lady client sms me the other day that "to tell her that life is impermanant" meaning life is so precious.

Unless you would prefer that I next start taking more photos of myself ? or no photos at all ?