Saturday, August 09, 2008

If you have strong determination in anything, you will usually succeed

Today, 10 August 2008, Sunday as usual, I go and visit my parents. About my Blackberry phone which is great as I could carry it in my bag but I could not use it to blog so I would need to go and get a new small laptop that I can carry around and I already have my Starhub mobile USB plug all ready.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When you read my blog, read it from where it is coming from. It is written by me and come sincerely from my heart to share with you on my knowledge of fengshui and destiny which are both my expert fields. Besides, I am business trained so I do have business concepts towards matters that are very strong in me and therefore you can view this blog as a kind of a Business Blog where it helps in my fengshui and destiny reading business. Most people I noticed that when they write a blog, it is more of a diary or sharing their passion on matters. it is not wrong, it depends on WHAT you want to make out of your BLOG or BLOGS.

LYNN YAP BLOG: The most talked about topic in my BLOG recently was the one about "Going for body massage and then 3 hours later business will come". Most of them incidently about 3 persons told me this and that they have yet to go and try the body massage fengshui thing but I know very soon they would.

Some didn't try it yet was because they have never tried "a body massage in their life" and so was a bit fearful while some found it a very interesting fengshui stuff. Well, my dear readers they are not only interesting but very REAL in that they work !!! , give it a try lah.

FENG SHUI: One of my signature feng shui must be : a wishing table, a fountain or pond in the house plus a chandelier on top of a solid dining table and then the LCD TV on a wall in the living room. I do not encourage tvs which are rather reflective.

DESTINY: There are some people who have the destiny to own a landed property while there are those who don't - which one do you belong to ? Anyhow landed or condo apartments or HDB apartments all has its own functions and uses that can enhance fengshui as well as your destiny bazi.
A person who needs the earth element in their chart is best advised to first own their first property in their name so as long as they have the property in their name, then their fortune can change. This is called altering the destiny.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Working hard and working smart will enable you to have your promotions, fast and quick. So go and work for a company that can appreciate your value add to the Company. After you got your promotion and if you are now promoted to be a Manger then it is time to learn how to lead your group, so be a good leader ok ?

A good leader shows by example and would always give credit to their staff below them.

Some people will always have a big group of people working under them while some people will always have no staff working under them or if they do, the staff are usually not loyal. These are all destiny related. Then what about investments ? Can anyone be an investor ? Well..... it is what your thinking is like that can make you THINK differently from all people, then you are termed a savy investor, provided you make money.

TIP:"Build that strong determination always in your life and you would always be so positive"

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