Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A question from my Google Group, "fengshui_destiny"

Sunflower asked this question:
"sometimes, one faces roadblocks and fustrations in life, we long to have something, but somehow, we are not given (maybe not meant to be) or either we need to fight for it. Is this destiny? or fate ? or due to bad kharma? How to remove these frustrations in our life to face a better and happier life ? " in my GOOGLE GROUP, recently and I thought it might interests you so read my reply.

Thank you for your question.

In this lifetime when we are born, we are here to suffer. Sufferings means different things to different people. Suffering can be in the form of what you WANT to have and didn't have it or what you EXPECT of other people and others didn't perform to your EXPECTATIONS. All these boil down to karma. hence, we will need to do more good deeds to increase our MERITS so that we will be able to reduce our karma that we had incurred in our past lives.

One of the way is to have happiness which I believe is what you are seeking for is : to first learn to accept your life and then to learn how to accomodate your life such that life can still be happy even living in small apartment and having a small family. Once you have come to accept that your life is like this and the next step is to find out if you are determine to alter your destiny or your current lifestyle. If you wish to then education is one way to go while the other is to take on 2 jobs so that you can earn more income then you can have more to spend.

In order to learn how to remove your frustrations is to first learn to change your mindset : Adopt a mindset that : that "when your loved ones are happy then you are happy" attitude can help you come a long way to finding your own happiness and one day you will realise that you are actually very happy.

Next is to : Remove all your wants and needs - and do not compare if others have a better house or more money than you or whatever. Ask yourself one question : Are you more happy than them ?

Learning to be happy is not easy - the best way I know of to be happy is to learn to let go - that is to give up your attachment to things like your house, your career, your close friends, your family members etc. Once you can achieve that - you can be said to be a truly happy person.

Master Lynn Yap

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Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

Besides planting a plant on the ground, can we plan it in a pot for those who leave in HDB flat. Thanks


Lynn Yap said...


Only by planting a plant on the ground (tu) then it works.If you like to ask me more questions, kindly join the google group and post the questions there. thanks as it is easier to type on google group than a small box in this comment box. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Master Lynn,

Thanks. I have just join the group;)