Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Love is all around, feel the love, if you can !!!

Today, 20 August 2008, Wednesday, I went to ubi office for readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Good morning, did you sleep well ? I did. Well, thank you to those who sent me comments. however, I would appreciate if you think you are going to expect a long reply from me to post the questions in my Google Group. This is because it is easier for me to type in Google than in the COMMENT box that is so narrow and in a pop up window. thanks.

LYNN YAP BLOG: When I woke up this morning at 7 something, I saw that yesterday, I had the highest visitor of 808 and was like wow, now I am in "cloud 9". oh when I say that I am on "cloud 9", I do not mean that I am in love.....too old for such stuff and definately not interested.

FENG SHUI: How to protect yourself from "blackmagic" ?
Well, the first thing is :
1) you will need to have a religion because whoever you believe in will protect you from harm.
2) is to carry some thing protective around you where ever you go so that you will always be protected.
3) to have a lighted candle with your name on it like those found in temples so that you will always be bright and walking on the bright path towards the future.
4) Underneath your pillow is to keep something protective so that you will always be protected and do this where ever you travel.

DESTINY: Never ever blame your destiny - but ask what can I do to make my destiny better ? and if you wish to find the answers go and ask any fortune tellers in Singapore so that they can help you.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Before we can teach our children how to save, we need to be good savers ourselves. otherwise it is like "tzu shan tan ping" - "talking only on paper".

Then when we have some savings, we can also show our children, this is how mummy did it. so....now you will have to put coins into the piggy bank if you are born in the year of the pig or if you are born in the year of the rooster then fill up that rooster bank, so that yourself , a rooster will always be rich. now you know why most pigs are rich ? hehe so many piggy banks around.

TIP:"When you meet anyone try your level best to help that person if she or he is seeking for help, that way you can also help to create your own merits"

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