Sunday, August 03, 2008

Incredible India

Today, I am going to talk about my trip to India, last 22nd December 2007 and back on 1st January 2008 organised by Amitabha Buddhist Centre I am their lifetime member since 1994.

When we arrived, we stayed at ROOT INSTITUTE, Bodhgaya, Bihar, India and shared room with two other lady room mates. It was'nt easy for me to share rooms with anybody but then I had to learn. we attended dharma classes, learnt meditation in the wee hours at 6am and went shopping and also to visit temples and make offerings. One day before we left for Bangkok stopover, I was invited to do the feng shui for Maitreya School, my first in India.
PHOTOs - This photo is taken before breakfast with my new friends. You would notice that we use stainless steel plates and bowls. why ? it is because it will not break easily. the same concept why we use a metal bowl (money blowl) to place all our coins so that it won't break easily. I like Root Institute very much and would love to visit it soon.

SINGAPORE BLOG LYNN YAP : There are many people who surf the internet and do some search on those search engines and then click and read their websites. maybe next time what you can do is go to search on our Singapore bloggers and go read at other blogs. maybe you will get inspired and then write a blog. we will probably have the highest density of bloggers in the whole world then it means that we are very very wired and IT savy.

Initially BLOGS were meant to be like a personal diary but that has all changed and many businesses may jump onto a BLOG too to gain bigger market share. If you are in business, do your blog to be more businesslike and yet still write daily. For my blog, this is the best that I can do already and am now collecting subscribers to my new BLOG so that you can receive a monthly newsletter.

Is there anyone out there who has time to help me with this newsletter as I intend to outsource. you will be paid per hour and email me at yahoo account to discuss. thanks.

In the past, I started writing weekly in weekly thoughts. over there you will need a userid and password in order to get in. these days because of this blog, I now write daily.

FENG SHUI : One of my signature feng shui is - if you see a lady wearing red toe nails or red finger nails, you will know who the master is.

I think after some time you would realise that my feng shui is actually very logical and practical, most important : it works. hehe

DESTINY: If you always strike lottery or toto and if you did strike one million dollars, you will need THE MERITS before you can carry all those money home. that is why you would always see me donating money to help others and when invited to any buddhist function, I would sit at the VIP table with the Rinpoches. So start to donate a lot until you have created a lot of MERITS to be able to sit with them.
SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you sell your one million dollar property recently and is now renting an apartment and waiting to buy your new house, what should you do ? here are some ways that you may wish to think about :

a) Divide the one million dollars and buy 2 apartments each S$500k. you stay in one house and rent out the other to get passive income.

b) Invest in a 2 million dollar house, take a loan and wait for capital appreciation in 10 years time. then cash out by age 60 and go plan for your retirement and buy another last house which is going to be fully paid by age 60, that is if you are like me aged 50 and left with only 10 more productive years. hehe. if you are young, you can always do a buy/sell, buy/sell to increase your net worth and the last house just make it fully paid, that way you can retire and with financial freedom.

But I don't intend to buy a 2 million dollar house because if I wish to I will need to sell this investment house. I kinda of like this house now though initially I do not have a strong liking towards it.

TIP: "If you have seldom travelled in your life, your mindset would be rather rigid. travelling opens up your mind to see more new things and at how other people live then you will know how fortunate you REALLY are here in Singapore"

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