Saturday, August 02, 2008

Thank you and have a BRIGHT SUNDAY !!!

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Today, I am out with my family.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The weather is bright and sunny and a great day for taking photos. well here is the photo that I took this morning before I went out. Wow, I have been given 5 red wine bottles now into my 2 and half month of blogging.

Do you own a wine shop ? you can make alot of money one you know ? hehe

If my blog has a daily readers of 650 and a less than 3 months old blog then what does it tell about the Geomancer ? that I must have been good right ? if not, not many people would want to come and read about what I write and buy me presents like red wine. burb........

LYNN YAP SINGAPORE BLOGGER : Feng shui has its own commnuity however it is more of between a Geomancer and their clients and what they communicate about. it is important to develop a communciation channel with their clients, old and new ones not only in our fengshui business but also in your own business and our Singapore bloggers too have their own community.

A kind soul in my MSN CHAT who reads my blog told me to go to this site and do a PING, a Singapore PING. Cool, I thought and so I went and I look at others blog vs mine, I think I am pretty good in terms of traffic and revenue.

When your name like Lynn Yap becomes World Famous, all one needs to do is to do a GOOGLE SEARCH and then all information about me would be found and it's scary because sometimes we would like a little privacy. on the other hand, its good for business because clients get to see where I have been and what TV shows I have been. You may wish to try GOOGLE Search or YAHOO Search.

Now, if you do a GOOGLE search for Singapore Fengshui, my fengshuiqueen website is in number 6 while my blog is now in number 10.

My BLOG should be seen as Lynn Yap relating her daily life, thoughts and feng shui tips and investment tactics to all her readers. If you are a new reader, a BIG WELCOME. hope you can find something that you love to read and take action for better harmony, wealth, health and happiness.

I think we would soon have a battle of the print vs the internet - which one captures more readers and more advertising dollars. The internet is the way to go as many household owns at least one or two computers and around the world, many too are now linked in internet like India and remote parts of China.

FENG SHUI and HEALTH : There was a time I went to check office feng shui and outside the office were 3 lifts and there was a small sign of a "handicapped logo" there on the wall. Last year the sickness energy, #2 fall in the middle part of the house, office, factory etc and so the staff tend to fall sick one by one. I was called in to do an office review and checked, what's wrong. that was when I saw this small logo in the middle part of this office and promptly told them to get any sticker, make it dark green and stick them for this year only.

This office calls me in every year and so I can do the office review and check about their progress and also at the same time can read the CEO's fortune for the year and inform him what are the things that he needs to be careful of.

DESTINY: When you have 3 or 4 water elements, and when the next 6 months when your business is slow then go for your body and foot massages. after the body massage for one and half hour, usually 3 hours later, there is business. try it and then feedback if I chun (accurate) or not. if this method works for you, try this winning formula, all the time and it works all the time, no expiry date.

I have spent the last 19 years in this business and therefore I SHOULD know what can work and what can't work, right ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Once there was this man who bought his first house and he intended to stay in this house, make it fully paid as he did not like to owe the bank money. From an investment point of view - this man will never learn how to grow rich because he did'nt learn how to use the bank money to make money for himself. Most wealthy people know how to borrow money and make more money for themselves. They love to owe the bank money and build more for themselves. one important note to take note of : always pay the bank loans promptly.

In year 2007 when property price rises the fastest and the highest, many people who own properties actually became rich while those like this man also gained from his property but only one and how fast can he save in order to build that retirement fund. slow right ? so he is not savvy......then long as he is happy. Bottomline: he is happy and that's what life is all about is'nt it ?

TIP: "when you are happy, everything works well for you"

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