Sunday, August 31, 2008

Speed is the key to the future

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Today, 1 September 2008, Monday, I went down to the eastern part of Singapore to check fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday, I receive an sms about my retirement home and passive income from a guy to contact him. I am simply amazed that there are many people out there who wants business.

LYNN YAP BLOG: You would remember that we use to speak to each other in weekly thoughts and a private mailing yahoo list with over 2000 members since 1999 and since May 2008 when I started a blog, everything goes public and so we would have readers from all over the world, believers and non believers in feng shui.

FENG SHUI: Many things that happened can be explained by feng shui and could have been avoided. The troublesome energy is in the north sector affecting mainly younger male while the sickness energy is in the south east sector. My fengshui cure has been always to : use a pair of dumbell about 5kg each and place it in the north while we will use a bronze hulu about 6inches tall and place it on the floor to trap the sickness energy then the whole year will be smooth.

FSQ NOTE: My clients and I have been using these cures year after year and we are all, ok. I will let you know where is next year 2009 's during my 2009 talks and then you can start to shift these.

DESTINY: The first half of this lunar year is yang earth andso many of us may tend to overeat and then grow fatter. Don't blame yourself for that except that you will need to exercise to trim off those unwanted fat so that you can look slim or fit, at least try to look fit, no need to look gorgeous !!!

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Anyone can learn how to be an investor and even if you have just a bit of spare cash only and wish to learn to be one, you too can also learn to be one. It is your mindset that needs to be changed or adapted to investing all the time and then you will make it.

My Skype Name if you wish to skype with me, it is "lynnyap8888" oh and bear in mind that when I am busy or not at my computer I will not answer, ok ?

TIP:"When you can work fast and focus on time, you will be a winner because many people waste a lot of time on unnecessary matters"

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