Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dark cloud is lurking.......And.....

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Today, 7 September 2008, Sunday, I didn't have to vist my parents as they have gone to Genting and my dad reminded me there is lunch next sunday. later in the afternoon, I went to do fengshui at the western part of Singapore and then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Have you wondered what makes a blog REALLY tick ? hmmmm....there has to be 2 elements in it and I think I can conclude : 1) humour - the ability to laugh at yourself that comes across thru your blog 2) personal thoughts - the ability to tell stories that readers can relate to and like.

The readers need not like you but they have to like what you write. These are my initial findings about blogs that tick ........who says ? Your fengshui queen master says so.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you to readers who gave comments and support. Those stories that I mentioned are all real that happen to many of us. Most people do not write stories with such depth as I do because I happen to be a fengshui master. I can READ you but you can't read me unless you also happen to be a fengshui master !!!

Thank you, Twilight Zone for sharing and giving comments on my blog, from KL !!! I finally noticed you and went to read your blog !!! very nice and so, how's the property market there ?

FENG SHUI: Fengshui would perhaps loose its popularity had no one picked it up and market it in the english speaking environment. I cannot imagine fengshui only in the chinese speaking environment. well, I have been there and done it !!! and branded my fengshui, fengshuiQueen.

DESTINY: The last 2 weeks, I have seen about 5 ladies all wanting to know when their mr. right will appear and how to enhance it. I do have guys who come and ask when they will meet their miss. right but few. Most men who come usually are more concerned about their career and wealth. Are those who come to me a representation of the life reading, fortune telling market ? or maybe not.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If your destiny reads that you cannot invest in property or shares or even lottery luck then the best thing you will need to do is to learn how to save and save more. I was re-reading the book on "The millionaire next door" by Thomas J. Stanley n William D. Danko and came across the chapter on "frugal, frugal, frugal".

It means that in order to learn how to be rich the first step is to learn how to be frugal. An example is : have a simple meal, no need to wear expensive clothes, work hard and have an investing mind or learn to see money with your mind, be frugal and then one can grow rich.

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Twilight Zone said...

OMG! Master Lynn Yap read my blog & said nice! I'm flattered! I am just another transparent being like you.

The property market has slowed down in KL due to the Hungry Ghost month earlier. It is moving again now. I've done a recent property price statistic for our client & discovered that KL properties are lowest in whole SE Asia. Many foreign investors are from Russia & Pakistan apart from Hong Kong & Singapore. You have made a wise purchase for that BKK unit, as I know Thailand well.

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

Thank you for your comments and input on the KL property market. Many thanks too for saying that my first overseas property investment in BKK is "wise".