Monday, September 01, 2008

When a plant has thorns, it pricks, ouch !!!

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Today, 2nd September Tuesday, I went to ubi office for readings and was particularly early and went to the canteen for breakfast cum lunch. A lady client pop and said hello !!! wow, what a small world....... well, not really because I do have a few clients here.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Everyday as we go to work, have you ever wondered what motivates you ? or you have never ask yourself this ? Actually the truth for most of us is : we need to work and cannot aford to retire yet is because we really need the income.

So every morning as you go to work try to be happy ok ? because when you are happy and laughing all the time, the luck will surely come. who knows you get promoted tomorrow !

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you to those who read my blog and sms and as I share my personal experiences with life, fengshui and all that with you. well, what makes my blog tick ? it is because I write from my heart and things that mattered to most people. My readers love it and my blog also makes you THINK and ponder and hopefully you can change for the better and with a better tomorrow, hopefully your mindset will be more open too.

FENG SHUI: The 7th lunar month has just passed and I wonder is it really true that people don't buy a house in this month ? does it apply to Hongkong and China ? what about USA and down under like Australia ?

Is it just because we are chinese and that's why we believe in the 7th month of hungry ghosts ? but this tradition of hungry ghosts applies to taoists and not buddhists although we are all chinese. so are we going to follow this blindly or are we going to be wiser the next hungry ghost month, next year and buy a good investment property !

Last month, my lady client bought her's in that month and we are not so called "pan tan" and she's got a great deal and with tenancy agreement too. Well, if you miss this, you can REALLY kick yourself. well, she closed the deal and I am most happy for her, she has been my client for the last 8 years.

DESTINY: Have you ever notice that a yang wood tiger below a day pillar person is one who has no fear ? and that is why this sort of person will not know how to worry and how to be afraid. This sort of person also loves bread, and all sorts. I only like Gardenia white bread and can eat on its own, no need for butter or jam...... told you my life is very simple except for the wines, still I drink, all kinds. keke

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Many of us usually FOCUS on the part about creating more wealth for the company that we work for or your own company. Many times, we forget to focus on our own wealth. And this difference in mindset can set us apart from the rest.

If you truly want to achieve something in life, focus on two things : 1) your company sales if you run your own business 2) your own assets or net worth

Whenever you are free, take a calculator and ask your spouse how much savings he or she has and COUNT but don't always complain if anyone spends too much and not saving. it is because life is too short to worry or complain about these, try to be happy at the present moment, every time.

TIP:"When a leaf is thin and pricks, it creates sha qi in the office"

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