Thursday, October 09, 2008

Because it has to happen for the fengshui reasons of the rat year with its teeth now bitting, my dearest

Today, 9th October 2008, Friday, I will be at ubi ofice to do 2 readings then to Wine Network to party, actually also work, lah.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The market has been down the last couple of days and it will have to be the biggest down ever because of the "ying water" that comes to control the "ying fire" in the stock market. Let it bleed cause it has to happen. I don't know the economic impact but I can do an accurate prediction and also when it is going to go up.

FENG SHUI: Let me tell you another fengshui story: There was a young man who bought a terrace house and this house has two levels. however the upper level did not cover the area that happen to be the wealth area and so there was a hole in the wealth area. My client invited me to do the house fengshui as I was his master for his HDB flat. I toured the house and then advised him to extend his upper level to flatten the ceiling of the ground floor so that there can be no hole in the wealth area.

After the ceiling is done and fengshui pond in the correct place, the young owner strike first prize 4D lottery and invited me back to his house for a review. I walked round the house again and then came to the extended flooring, upstairs and asked :"is it safe ?" (cause I am afraid of heights) and then walked to that floor space and feel the energy there. I replied :"good" and then walked to other parts of the house sat down and gave comments before leaving for my next appointment.

FSQ NOTE: The staircase in a terrace house can fall into the wealth area and so if you have bought this type of house, it is better to get the fengshui checked and then do a remedy.

DESTINY: A person whose house has been fengshuied will have - their face looking bright and there is a glow in them. Can you see it ? Compare this glow with someone whose house is not being fengshuied, it is a world of difference. I am speaking the truth and you need not come and see me, you are most welcome to invite other fengshui masters to your house and have a look. Just make sure you don't pay too much and you get value out of it.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The dog year 2006, the stock market had a bull. In 2007, property market had its bull. so what do we do in 2008 ? 2008, market had its biggest dip in years and so it is time to pick up some good stocks and keep till the next dog year, 2018 then exit. cash out and take profit. then in 2019 begining or end 2018 enter and buy 2 properties. Hopefully you can make half a million dollars by then as this is the entry level if you are not yet a millionaire by now.

FSQ NOTE: It would depend on what economic status are you now.

If you are now a millionaire you should be able to make at least 2 million from all your assets bought in 2019 - my prediction for you. hehe

From your bazi - better check if you are in good luck 10 year cycle or not ok ? if you are not then you better get a sifu, fengshui master to guide you whether to buy or not. ok ? and don't follow your own instinct when you are "no good" in your 10 year cycle.

TIP: "Are you hurt by its sharp front teeth?, give me a GRIN !!! hehe"

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