Thursday, October 30, 2008

My treat tonight, sweets, rabbit candy, anyone ?

Today, 31 October 2008, Friday, I went to ubi office to do annual reviews for 2009. Today is halloween night - treat or trick, which one you want. The halloween balloon in the SW sector will be there for two weeks. It's a trick and bad. FS takes two weeks to see results. so 2 weeks later, the market is going down again. Code: BBB (means buy) Code : SSS (means sell) ok ? Code : HHH means to hold and to wait.

This is because once my new blog is up, I will update info there and just leave this blog floating in "search engines" to give me more advertisments to my business. You would note that I had deleted those sensitive topics already.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When business is good, we must learn how to keep our money then sometimes business is slow then we would not be affected or too worried. That is why I always tell my clients that should they sell their property is to keep some cash aside and not to put all into the purchase of their new apartments.

There is a fengshui reason to it : that money in your bank stays and can attract more money to come to you. You would remember my "2007 fengshuiQueen tip" is to keep S$500/- cash in our zip pocket.

I am sure you saw ""more wealth" coming to you that year and never mind, the economy was good that time. Your business is good that year or you had better bonuses. I remembered a male client telling me that : got once he just went to collect many cheques and cash and was so afraid that he would drop the money. I said to him : "Hei, that's it, that is what you should always do!!!"

When you have grown your wealth then it is now time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and to enjoy life a bit and to know how to behave, being rich. By behaving, it does not mean that you become rude or arrogant, you can still be humble and rich and people will respect you more for that. And there is no need to wear expensive clothes, simple ones, neat and nice. This is because when you are rich, there is this glow on your face and only those "spiriutal ones" can see this "rich glow" on your face.

FENG SHUI: I have a feeling that I would be asked to do fengshui in Nepal and even though I am on my retreat I can still do fengshui as long as I know where the sun rises and sets. Hence, the smart fengshui master do not need to rely on the compass all the time to do an accurate fengshui work. This is the hallmark of a good, true master.

Last year, when I was in India, I was asked to do fengshui for a school which is in my blog here and have since made online donations towards this school. I was not prepared for it but nevertheless since I was asked to, I had to do. The school faces South West, good fengshui for 20 years.

DESTINY: If you wish to perfect reading other people's lifes, then do as many as 100 lives first before you can start to do it professionally if not there will be a lack of skill and knowledge and What if : instead of helping people, you "hang hang" them ? and make them scared ? the bad karma will come back to you, you know ?

These days there are so many wannabes that they go around "hang hang" so do becareful or tell them that you only listen to your own fengshui master. That way, you can find a good excuse for yourself. If I never did fengshui in english, who knows this trade may die a natural death because nobody will popularise it correctly and bring this old profession of being a fengshui master to be one so full of respect and honour. I can tell you that my 0.03% shares (almost the top 114 largest shareholder) in a listed company here, helped angled me in some way and I like that - that "feeling". well, it might have also helped me clinch a couple of deals.

In fact, a few of my corportate clients have jobs in both the IRs and I hope they are doing well.

There was a day, a client came for her life reading and then I said something to her. I told her to prove me wrong. she was so startled then I burst out laughing.

Being confident is a good mark. however if you are the only one who think that you are good and very confident then you are probably missing something in your life. The ability to read the situation well and to have a heart that cared are important. Readers benefit from my blog because they try out the fengshui tips here and some saw results. I wouldn't say everybody as not all would try.

To be a leader in the fengshui market is to have followers too, the more the merrier .

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Even though the market has gone up, however because most of us are medium term investors so we might not see "profits" yet.

When you want to invest, you must be like a LEADER : "make decisions and stand by it"

Most people I note are too scared to make mistakes and so they will never learn the first skill of "being decisive and stand by it". Now you know why I am so firm in some matters although time to time, I do joke. We must know when to be serious and when to relax a little. that way, we show that we are professional in our work amd never let others "mouth" deter us from our goal. Stay focus.

The stock market is fire element and is "ying fire". Therefore, to make any money out of it is to first learn "the art of patience" as "patience is fire" If you use" impatient tactic" which is also fire, it don't work because you can loose money.

Besides patience, we also need skill in buying and when to exit.

I use my savings to test the market and if I test "saleh" this time round, too bad for me.

TIP:"Enjoy tonight and sip champagne. Life is too short to worry about many things"

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