Sunday, October 12, 2008

Which side of the fence are you on ?

Today, 13 October 2008, Monday morning went down to Bukit Panjang area to do HDB fs and then to do a condo fs.

DAILY THOUGHTS: People seems to be feeling worried with some worried ones very concerned about their jobs as they came for their life readings last week. I've got good news for some meaning that: they need not fear retrenchment is because it is not in their charts. They will always have a job to do.

I enjoy my work very much as I find that I have the skills to help them especially in relations to their bazi or their house fengshui so that they can still ride thru it like in 1997 and 1998, the cycle is coming back.

Stubborn people won't believe in what we are saying. That is fine, it is them who stands to loose more and we to gain, with our fengshuiQueen brand of accurate knowledge. which fence are you on, honey?

FENG SHUI: Have you ever tried taking veg fod just to cleanse yourself so that your good luck can come ?
so you can still take the "char kwey tau" without taking the fish cake and the "hum".

DESTINY: If you are really keen to know more about destiny the best thing is to first read from books and then attend class to learn from any master. However if the more you learn and KNOW the more worried you get. then it is better that you dont learn and just listen to your own sifu will do.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Actually the market will take a long time to come up again and it may be for another few years of the ox, tiger and rabbit years which are potentially "no good" years. that means 3 years.

Property prices will have the biggest fall soon in the year of the ox and continues to the tiger, 2010 and rabbit years, 2011.

So if you have recently purchased some shares then wait for at least 5 years then can see "some profit" or you try to average it and see how. The "window of opportunity" to get out is this lunar months first and second of 2009.

I personally don't intend to get out but to keep some money into shares and wait for the biggest gain in 5 years, so it like a medium term plan.

Everything depends how you look at it : most of us don't need the spare cash and so can afford to wait. it's just that it is a "lousy feeling" of money being stuck in shares. Then, it is how your "mindset" thinks that can make you wiser than the rest.

TIPS: "my side or the other side"

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