Saturday, November 08, 2008

We should always be prudent at all times and not just this time round

Today, 9 November 2008, Sunday, I went out with my family members for brunch.

DAILY THOUGHTS: 3 people sms asking for my company bank account to tt money over for my new blog while oveseas clients ask for my paypal account. thank you so much for your interest. I am MOST inspired to write better fengshui stories.

The other day, I was watching channel 55 and saw how people sell "real live chickens" and then cut up the chicken in order to place that plate of chicken for others to eat. The more I see this show, the more it makes me "feel so sad for the chickens". Oh no, I hope I can still take chicken rice. I think once I start to give up on chicken and duck, it will then be : no beef, no mutton, no pork , no chicken and no duck.
PHOTO: shows the back of my garden.these plants are not mine, my neighbours !!!

LYNN YAP BLOG: One more day to go before we go public. what do I have to say to you ? well, I sincerely thank you once again for making me a popular fengshui blogger. at the rate this blog goes in a couple of years time, there probably will be many readers. hei !! then I think I must have been a great writer.

My counter will move much faster on Monday onwards. just watch this counter ok ?

FENG SHUI: This Chinese New Year will fall on 26 Jan 2009 and when you go visiting and if you see "outside people's house main door" - got a "semi moon" door mat either green, red or blue, chances are they are my clients. Placing a mat outside the house has always been used by many chinese around the world. However, most do not understand the "real meaning" of why we must put a mat outside the main door of the house.

The real fengshui reason is : "to let the Dragon rest" outside the house and then everything in in the house will always be smooth. sometimes we also add a "metal windchime" at the back of the door so that everytime they open or close the door it will chime to produce the "sound of metal" which will break up the negative earth energies that are found in most houses, near to the main door. My own research has shown that about 70% of most houses that I had fengshuied have a #2 or #5 there. if you don't understand what that is, it is fine as these are the deeper studies of flying star fengshui.
This is also one of the main reason why I started the "6 one dollar Singapore coins" and has to be 1996 or 1997 coins (because 6 and 7 stands for metal) pasted on the walls above the house main door. these days we changed the coins to 2006. this is another of my fengshui creation. if you see those : hah !! sure is Master Lynn's feng shui. This year, chinese new year, I will give ang pow like last year's amount. if you can't then give less this year and save some money. Just tell them "hang zhen tang pai", I am sure they will understand. I think I should tell that to my mum.
DESTINY: There is a small group of clients who tend to worry over small matters and could not focus on : what's important for them in their life. If you were to ask me what is important to me now in my life ? I would reply : "my business". and 15 years later if you were to ask me this same question, it would be :"my enlightment". So.......what's important to you now ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: For some of my clients I told them to get ready to buy a property especially those who are currently renting. I was reflecting on the year, 2007 - so hectic. my clients were buying property in the first half and second half some of them were selling and then they buy HDB flats to stay or renting and I get to check the fengshui. It was such a hectic year that : the houses were bought and sold in seconds.

I remembered one of my clients, a couple wanted to pay S$1.5million for a 99 year leasehold property in the east coast and ask me about the feng shui. I did the feng shui part and told them it is not worth paying so much for this. That time : was the height of property market where the sellers just want to get the best and higher price for their unit. I believe the propery agents saw alot of those ugly sellers.

Finally, this couple bought a $1.5million property but freehold and in the city area. Fengshui wise, both about the same.
On saving money : we should always learn how to prudent either cook at home or have simple meals just to fill the stomach is ok already or unless you belong to those group of people who only want to take the best food available. Of course time to time, we can treat ourselves to "fine dining" or to go to a good restuarant for those special occasions - just to celebrate.
Something to amuse you : if you are applying for a job in a fengshui consultancy firm or a fengshui shop, one of the criteria on the appilication form would state : Are you a believer of feng shui ? .......your call, my dear.
Of course, the answer has to be a YES !!!
TIP:"Once we learn the art of saving and being thrifty and once we grow to become rich, people like your friends or relatives will then turn and look at you, differently"


Mr Teo said...

Thanks Master Lynn for reminding us to be prudent.

You have FS my house and we have installed the water feature in Sep, and we are waiting to see improvements. Recently, there has been garden ants crawling in my living room and I vaguely recalled you mentioned in one of your blogs that ants will bring wealth. But because we are living in a HDB flat, it is quite 'disturbing' as we have young children in the house such, we have placed the ant killers in the corners of the house. May I ask if this will 'destroy our wealth' as well?

Wrt to your company bank account, if tt over is possible, I will sms you separately to ask for it so that I can tt the subs fees over to you.

Thanks very much.

Lynn Yap said...


Yes, to some extent the "ant killers" that you have placed can hinder the wealth. I would suggest that you only place two ant killers and not in all 4 corners.

The wealth should start about 3months later after you have placed the "pond" to activate the wealth. If 4 or 5 months later, you do not see any visible results, then sms me and let me see what I can do first before I drop by.

Thank you for your kind support. Yes, sms me for the bank account number.

Paul Ho Kang Sang said...

Master Lynn,

Great blog!!! I am so glad it is open to the public so that it can benefit more people.



Lynn Yap said...


Thank you !!!
Am glad that you "enjoyed" my blog. Cheers to NUS Grad !!!