Saturday, November 15, 2008

When a hard bouncy ball hits the ground it will bounce upwards higher

Today, 15 November 2008, Saturday, I went down to Chinatown first before heading for ubi office to do an annual review and then to Clementi to do a condo fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today, after visiting Chinatown I took a taxi to Ubi office and on my way there I pass by the Marina Sands IR.

LYNN YAP BLOG: These are the number of visitors this week:
Monday : 708
Tuesday: 1412
FENG SHUI: Once we understand a lot about fengshui, the next step is to learn how to grow your wealth and to grow rich. Fengshui is not just about fengshui, it is about a way of life and by understanding. that is why I spent many hours with my clients explaining to them and how to improve so that they can see results, 3 months later. This is because my fengshui has to work, if it did'nt work then there must be something not right about the type of water feature that they buy.

Give you a tip: I do not use rolling crystal rolling and rolling in a water feature. Don't believe me, buy one and test it in your wealth area and tell me if this works.

DESTINY:I love reading people's destiny and telling them things so as to help them to understand about life and what to expect in the future and how to make their smoother. I derived a lot of satisfaction doing it and I think my long term faithful clients know it too.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Actually now is the best time to keep entering and buying more shares. If you decide to enter later like next year 2009 is also quite ok.It all depends on what is your "plan". You wish to enter for the "short term trading type" or the "medium term" type.
And even if shares are suppose to go for a "mini bull", don't expect the bull to be "high" so that you can sell your shares which you may consider "stuck" for others, we may view them as an investment. This "mini bull" is not going to be fantastic in fact, it may even be a "non event" as it depends on how you define a "mini bull" or maybe its horns got "cut". so dont have too high an expectations on this "mini bull".

TIP:"unless the ground is not flat and is bottomless then the bouncy ball can get drowned"

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