Sunday, May 24, 2009

"When we work, we work very hard and give it all that we've got !!!"

Today, 24 May 2009 Sunday : weather looks good.

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: Is Monday always a blue Monday for you or a green one ? Blue means "moody" green means "cheong eh". If your office wall is "green" or partitions are "green" in colour then you will work until "been chee chee" (hokkien for workaholic) (Monday Joke for you)

FENG SHUI: I will show you how to get the deeper meaning of feng shui such that anything I say : people know that that is the real ultimate truth about feng shui............just follow me in my twitter updates. yes, I tweet. Feng shui also have to catch up with "technology" and "Internet" (Internet came to Singapore in 1994 and I was among the first to sign up and did my own webpage) as nothing stays permanent so fengshui too has to move but each fengshui move is 20 years.

SINGAPORE FENGSHUI BLOG LYNN YAP : Thank you for visiting my public blog while the best kept secrets are still in the private blog however effectively, 31 March onwards that blog would be open to public and would not be updated daily. Although I started blogging maybe 3 years late, I am most happy with the results that I get (got many visitors, 109,177 since May 2008 !!!) especially from my clients and would be clients. Thank you for reading !

FSQ TIP FOR YOU : Discipline is the key for the success of anything. By just taking veg food or no pork, no beef, no mutton - you are exercising the power of "discipline of your mind" and the Good Fortune would come very soon.

DESTINY: Are you intelligent ? People born in the "snake" and "horse" are all very intelligent people and very fast with their maths. That was why last year, A level exams, all those born in the "horse" animal signs, all did very very well. Oh and my son, Ivan is going to NTU to study art, design and media after his NS while Alex is still busy studying.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Many people here seems to be very very particular about the "stock jargons" Well..........can I ask, who started it and why ? why can't we have our own "fengshui stock jargon" ? Anyhow, bottomline is : we all made money the last "FS round" and we are all going to make it big the next "FS round" too.

Two of my "Predictions 2009" - recently already fulfilled.
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FSQ TIP: "when we play we play hard too. have a wine and relax !!!"

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