Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Were you a nun/monk in your previous life ?

3 factors to tell if you have been a nun or a monk in your previous life time ?

1) That when you go for a buffet spread, you would love to put all your main dishes as well as the dessert all on the same plate ! You know.....monks or nuns go around asking for alms in their empty bowl and so people would usually just put all kinds of food into ONE single bowl. Ajahn Brahm said he once had ice cream over his spagetti.

2) That whenever you buy a new pair of shoes, they hurt for many many months - that is because in your previous life, you only wore slippers
3) That when you are watching tv, you love to sit on the floor rather than on the sofa - it is because you used to meditate on the floor for long hours before !
FSQ NOTE: The above are my own findings and coming from the fengshui perspective !


Terence said...

master lynn, so do u exhibit these characteristics?

Lynn Yap said...


Yup that's me ! but I learnt later on to separate my main dishes from the dessert unless no one is looking !!!