Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to keep continuity of your wealth from one house to another ?

The Fengshui Queen SG answer is : to carry ideally 16 mineral water bottle each 1.5 litres of "water" from your wealth pond in your old house (just sold) to your new house then pour "8 bottles" of the water from the old house to your new wealth pond in your new house and keep the other "8 bottles" in the store room or where the feng shui master tells you to do.

Each time you move house, another "8 bottles" of water goes with you. You simply can't imagine how many bottles of "old water" my client has now, neatly kept.
A few of my clients made S$500k profit in year 2007, some made less but sold too and then they rented condos to stay temporarily (I did the fs) and waited then enter the property market in 2008, the other just bought a penthouse condo in the east and me too, make profit except for my case it is paper profit about S$500k as I did not sell my 2 properties.
Profit that is "not realised" is not profit per say. I still want to enjoy the excellent fengshui and to help others know how to create wealth, plan for "passive income" when they really want to retire and if possible set up a "trust fund" with one of our foreign banks.
Incidently, 3 of my corporate clients made it to the FG50 list, 3 out of 50, quite good. "that will do".
The idea is that : Water is wealth in our chinese culture and in feng shui theories hence when the water (wealth) in the old house is brought to your new house, you leave nothing behind (still got tap water) at the old house. You bring your "wealth" with you to your new house. This is about the continuity of wealth from the old house to the new house with feng shui. It would be up to the new owners of the old house which is now sold to engage their own feng shui master and to turn the place around.
This is the reality of life and fengshui and goes like this round and round in circles depending on who the fengshui master that they engage.

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I'm impressed, keep on keeping on Master Yap!