Friday, July 03, 2009

Meditation can give you good health and wealth

Today, 3rd July 2009 Friday : weather has been good

FSQ DAILY THOUGHTS: Hope everything is fine with you as it is with me though a bit busy.

MEDITATION: How is your meditation practise ? Give you a tip: after you breath in and out from 1 to 100 then stop breathing and hold your breath for a while, soon you can feel a nice sensation around the whole body and simply allow yourself to enjoy that sensation. Then breath in and out again and this time round, your breath would be slower and more peaceful and continue counting till your "body" disappears. At this stage : you won't even feel if your legs are "numb".

FSQ NOTE: In this meditation practice, you will learn how to train the mind to be calm so that you can see and think DEEPER.

FENG SHUI: FengshuiQueen Tip 2009 : when everybody's "study table" in their homes has a lot of coins around, then what happens ? we will have many gold "baguas" around and this can help all of us overcome the recession.

Coins on the table can bring wealth to us.

DESTINY: A person born in the "tiger" hour is a very "chou kuan"person and who is also usually tall too.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Investing in stocks need skill and once you know "them", investing is a breeze.

FSQ TIP:"Try it if you need to as it all boils down to training the mind to be calm and peaceful"

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