Sunday, July 05, 2009

The ultimate aim of meditation is to gain enlightenment and renounce

Today, 5 July Sunday : drizzle a little bit but am alright and just finish work and am home now.
I totally agree that the ultimate aim of meditation is learning to "let go" of things and to "obtain enlightment" and to renounce, in my case be a nun. If I do not talk about it or to share my experiences then many would not be interested in "meditation" as many are still afraid to take the first step to meditate.
Even as a monk or a nun, you would need to have that "chrisma" and that "influencing" factor in order to be a successful monk or nun in today's world.
What is the meaning of life may I ask you ? the meaning of life is to benefit all sentient beings hence if one does a job that helps other people and can help thousands of people and especially here in a blog, then the meaning of your life would be great ! and if one were to go DEEPER (you would remember my story of going deeper as my insights from my Nepal trip last year) it would be "empty". How do you explain this to any layman people reading your blog or attending your talks ? Hence you would have to be a skillful teacher and even a skillful (pai see) blogger (you would remember my "lon long" story in my Hua Hin retreat). It rain !!!
From my public blog here : My wish is to simply share with you my experiences of meditation in my past 15 years bringing me good health and wealth plus many more which I will share in my later updates. However, some people like to jump the gun and one thing that I noticed is : the more I meditate, the busier I am. Hence, I would have to strike the "middle way" like what Ajahn Brahm spoke of his teacher, Ajahn Chah who spoke "about life" and is like adjusting the strings on the guitar not to be too tight nor too loose but just nice, the middle way.
Meditation helps you get "good health" because if any part of your body is "sick" you can use that "meditation energy" to channel it to that "sick area" and heal that area and then you can recover faster.
If I don't share my experiences with my over 1,400 readers, a week and many of them are my supporters, I would not be doing justice because if I am today a nun, I would still have to teach "buddhism" and "meditation" and why not share from a "fengshui master" 's point of view and till I decided to renounce "when the timing is right for me".
Some people out there may still disagree with me, it is ok as long as my motivation is true and sincere and never wanting to harm anyone for I have been sharing my "fengshui" and "life destiny"'s experiences for the last 20 years.
Someone did sms some few days ago, asking me where to learn "meditation" and I replied : go to Ajahn Brahm's meditation class and learn from him or go to Buddhist Fellowship website :
FSQ NOTE: When your "meditation" reaches a certain level, you are simply not afraid anymore and you just know what to do and what not to do. Try it if you have the time and if you have any questions ask my teacher, Ajahn Brahm whom I took my 8 precepts with, recently but I somehow went "the middle way" during this meditation retreat at Hua Hin :)
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